Women’s Sexual Development

Explorations of Inner Space

  • Editors
  • Martha Kirkpatrick

Part of the Women in Context book series (WICO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Priscilla Oaks
    Pages 1-18
  3. Cori Baill, John Money
    Pages 45-59
  4. Cori Baill, John Money
    Pages 61-81
  5. Eleanor Galenson, Herman Roiphe
    Pages 83-105
  6. Susanna Isaacs Elmhirst
    Pages 107-125
  7. Robert J. Stoller
    Pages 127-145
  8. Virginia Lawson Clower
    Pages 147-166
  9. Mildred Ash
    Pages 171-179
  10. Barbara Ponse
    Pages 181-206
  11. Rudolf Ekstein
    Pages 207-221
  12. Christine Adams-Tucker, Paul L. Adams
    Pages 223-237
  13. Elizabeth J. Roberts
    Pages 239-250
  14. Margo Rila, Judith Steinhart
    Pages 251-254
  15. Carol Downer
    Pages 255-279
  16. Elizabeth K. Canfield
    Pages 281-289
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 291-298

About this book


This is not a textbook nor an encyclopedia; rather, it is a collection of papers representing a variety of points of view on contemporary is­ sues, controversies, and questions about female sexual development. The editor has a point of view, not a point of view as to which of the various authors' positions presented in this book is correct, or even the most useful, but a point of view about the format of such a book; namely, that the definitive answers, and the experts who will provide them, are not yet identified. Therefore, many voices should be heard from different areas of expertise, training, experience, and back­ ground. Inevitably there are contradictions and disagreements. There should be. Several authors who were asked to provide short discus­ sions for papers found themselves unable to answer in less than an ad­ ditional paper. The editor welcomed this response. This is an area full of ancient myths, new discoveries, and alternate perspectives. It is hoped that the book reflects these ambiguities and controversies and that it will stimulate as many questions as it provides answers. You will find represented in this volume, and its forthcoming companion volume on women's sexual experience, authors not gener­ ally found together between the covers. When useful and where pos­ sible, a discussion or an addendum to a paper has been included by an author who approaches the subject from a different base of infor­ mation or experience.


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