Borate Glasses

Structure, Properties, Applications

  • L. D. Pye
  • V. D. Fréchette
  • N. J. Kreidl

Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 12)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. David L. Griscom
    Pages 11-138
  3. David L. Griscom
    Pages 139-149
  4. E. A. Porai-Koshits, V. V. Golubkov, A. P. Titov
    Pages 183-199
  5. M. J. Weber, J. Hegarty, D. H. Blackburn
    Pages 215-226
  6. A. Bishay, E. Boulos, S. Arafa, F. Assabghy, N. J. Kreidl
    Pages 239-257
  7. W. L. Konijnendijk, J. M. Stevels
    Pages 259-279
  8. William B. White, Steven A. Brawer, Toshiharu Furukawa, Gregory J. McCarthy
    Pages 281-296
  9. P. J. Bray
    Pages 321-351
  10. C. R. Kurkjian, G. E. Peterson, A. Carnevale
    Pages 369-376
  11. James F. Shackelford, Joseph S. Masaryk
    Pages 377-385
  12. Charles J. Leedecke, Clifton G. Bergeron
    Pages 413-426
  13. Thomas P. Seward III
    Pages 427-443
  14. C. G. Bergeron
    Pages 445-462
  15. P. B. Macedo, C. J. Montrose, C. T. Moynihan, C. C. Lai
    Pages 463-476
  16. L. D. Pye, V. D. Fréchette, D. E. Rase
    Pages 477-490
  17. P. B. Adams, D. L. Evans
    Pages 525-537
  18. William C. LaCourse, Harrie J. Stevens
    Pages 539-548
  19. Karl-Heinz Mader, Thomas J. Loretz
    Pages 549-566
  20. J. T. Krause, C. R. Kurkjian
    Pages 577-585
  21. Emil W. Deeg
    Pages 587-596
  22. R. R. Tummala
    Pages 617-622
  23. Howard E. Goldstein, D. B. Leiser, V. Katvala
    Pages 623-634
  24. Back Matter
    Pages 635-637

About this book


Boron Oxide plays a key role in numerous glasses of high technological importance, yet its role in glass structure is far from clear. Indeed, in recent years there have been serious chal­ lenges to previous structure concepts for both crystalline and glassy borates. These challenges were sufficient to warrant a re­ examination of the structure of borate glasses using the most pow­ erful tools currently available. To provide a suitable forum for this undertaking, a four-day conference on "Boron in Glass and Glass Ceramics" was convened at Alfred University, June 3-8, 1977 to review the best scientific thinking on structure and to debate conflicting views and discuss properties and applications of borate glasses. This conference was also the first in a New University series on Glass Science to be rotated among Alfred University, The Pensyl vania State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the University of Missouri-Rolla. The present volume represents the proceedings of the first conference in this series. The volume begins with a review of the remarkable contribution of Jan Krogh-Moe to the understanding of the structure of Borate glasses. This review, authored by Professor N. J. Kreidl, concludes by dedicating the proceedings of this conference as a Krogh-Moe Fest­ schrift. The volume continues with a historical review by D. L. Griscom, originally prepared for circulation to the contributors prior to the conference. An Epilogue to the opening chapter brings the survey up-to-date in light of the conference papers.


Na2O SiO2 ceramics crystal glass kinetics structure

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  • V. D. Fréchette
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  2. 2.University of Missouri-RollaUSA

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