Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis in Plants

  • L. Bogorad
  • J. H. Weil

Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 12)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Organization and Replication of Nuclear and Chloroplast Genomes

    1. Herbert Stern
      Pages 1-13
    2. K. K. Tewari, R. Kolodner, Nathan M. Chu, Robert R. Meeker
      Pages 15-36
  3. Transcription

  4. Translation: The Protein Synthesis Apparatus

    1. J. H. Weil, G. Burkard, P. Guillemaut, G. Jeannin, R. Martin, A. Steinmetz
      Pages 97-120
    2. Lawrence Bogorad, Jeffrey N. Davidson, Maureen R. Hanson
      Pages 135-154
    3. O. Ciferri, O. Tiboni, M. L. Munoz-Calvo, G. Camerino
      Pages 155-166
    4. Samarendra N. Seal, Marcella Giesen, Ruth Roman, Abraham Marcus
      Pages 167-181
  5. Synthesis of Nucleic Acids and Protein by Organelles: Organelle — Nuclear Relationships

    1. R. John Ellis
      Pages 195-212
    2. C. J. Leaver, P. K. Pope
      Pages 213-237
  6. Control of Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis by Hormones and Environmental Factors

    1. Leon S. Dure III, Barry Harris
      Pages 279-291
    2. J. E. Varner
      Pages 293-307
    3. A. Trewavas, B. R. Stratton
      Pages 309-319
  7. Foreign DNA and Plant Cells: Plant Viruses

    1. J. Schell, M. Van Montagu, A. De Picker, D. De Waele, G. Engler, C. Genetello et al.
      Pages 329-342
    2. J. P. Briand, C. Fritsch, H. Guilley, G. Jonard, C. Klein, D. Lamy et al.
      Pages 343-362
    3. T. O. Diener
      Pages 363-375
    4. M. Pinck, M. Genevaux, P. Lestienne, H. Duranton
      Pages 377-385
    5. L. van Vloten-Doting, J. Bol, L. Neeleman, T. Rutgers, D. van Dalen, A. Castel et al.
      Pages 387-411
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 413-417

About this book


During the summer of 1974 we discussed the state of molecular biology and biochemical developmental biology in plants on a few occasions in Paris and in Strasbourg. The number of laboratories engaged in such research is minute compared with those studying comparable problems in animal and bacterial systems, but by then much interesting work had been done and a great momentum was building. It seemed to us that the summer of 1976 would be a good time to review these areas of plant biology for students as well as advanced workers. We outlined a program for a course to colleagues both in Europe and the United States and asked a few potential lecturers if they would be interested. The response was not just positive; it was overwhelm­ ingly enthusiastic. Those who had some acquaintance with Alsace, and especially with Strasbourg, invariably told us that they had two reasons for being enthusiastic about participating - the subject and the proposed site. The lectures published here* reflect the diversity of current research in plant molecular biology and biochemical developmental biology. Each lecture gives us a glimpse of the depth of questions being asked, and sometimes answered, in segments of this field of investigation. This research is directed at fundamental biological problems, but answers to these questions will provide knowledge essential for bringing about major changes in the way the world's agricultural enterprise can be improved.


biology molecular biology nucleic acid protein protein synthesis synthesis

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  • L. Bogorad
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  • J. H. Weil
    • 2
  1. 1.Harvard UniversityCambridgeUSA
  2. 2.Université Louis PasteurStrasbourgFrance

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