The Year in Endocrinology 1977

  • Sidney H. Ingbar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Dorothy T. Krieger
    Pages 1-26
  3. William H. Daughaday
    Pages 27-71
  4. Kenneth A. Woeber, Lewis E. Braverman
    Pages 73-108
  5. Karen Kleeman, Charles R. Kleeman
    Pages 109-160
  6. John T. Gwynne, Robert L. Ney
    Pages 161-189
  7. Edward G. Biglieri
    Pages 191-204
  8. Gary L. Robertson
    Pages 205-231
  9. Mortimer B. Lipsett, Griff T. Ross
    Pages 233-254
  10. Daniel D. Federman
    Pages 255-289
  11. Lewis Landsberg
    Pages 291-344
  12. Jay Silverberg, Robert Volpé
    Pages 345-386
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 387-399

About this book


This has been a year of substantial change for The Year in Endocrinology. The first change, though perhaps only a semantic one, nevertheless represents a landmark. Although last year's volume was designated as the first of an annual series, that seemed to me at the time merely a hope-a realistic hope, perhaps, but a hope, nevertheless. With the publication of this year's volume, however, this can accurately be said to be an annual series, one that we trust will fulfill a need and will therefore continue for years to come. Among other changes from last year's volume are some that were originally intended and others that were unintended. In the former category is the substitution of a chapter on water metabolism and vaso­ pressin, excellently prepared by Dr. Gary L. Robertson, for the chapter on paraendocrine syndromes that appeared last year. Chapters on these two topics will continue to appear on alternate years. Obviously, the non­ recurring chapter on a topic of special interest has also changed, and this year's comprises a comprehensive review of autoimmune endocrine dis­ ease by Drs. Jay Silverberg and Robert Volpe. The unexpected change results from the inability of Dr. Louis Avioli to continue as a member of the Editorial Board. Most fortunately, however, we have persuaded Dr. Charles R. Kleeman to join the Board and to be responsible for the chapter on the parathyroid gland and mineral metabolism. Dr. Kleeman has been assisted on the preparation of this chapter by his daughter, Dr.


Gonadotropin Pancreas biosynthesis diabetes endocrinology erythropoietin growth hormone homeostasis insulin metabolism neuroendocrinology prolactin puberty steroid steroids

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