Luminescence of Crystals, Molecules, and Solutions

Proceedings of the International Conference on Luminescence held in Leningrad, USSR, August 1972

  • Ferd Williams
  • B. Baron
  • M. Martens
  • S. P. Varma

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Opening Session

  3. Cooperative Phenomena

  4. High Density Excitation

    1. Z. A. Chizhikova, M. D. Galanin, Sh. D. Khan-Magometova
      Pages 115-120
    2. V. A. Kovarskii, E. Yu. Perlin, E. P. Sinyavskii
      Pages 131-135
  5. Excitons

    1. E. Beckmann, I. Broser, R. Broser
      Pages 155-161
    2. Ch. Lushchik, G. Liidja, N. Lushchik, E. Vassil’chenko, K. Kalder, R. Kink et al.
      Pages 162-170
    3. M. N. Kabler, M. J. Marrone, W. B. Fowler
      Pages 171-180
  6. Relaxation and Donor-Acceptor Interactions

  7. II-VI Compounds

    1. I. I. Antipova-Karataeva, N. P. Golubeva, M. V. Fock
      Pages 232-238
    2. A. N. Georgobiani, A. I. Blazhevich, Yu. V. Ozerov, E. I. Panasjuk, P. A. Todua, H. Friedrich
      Pages 239-244
    3. Kenji Ikeda, Ken Uchida, Yoshihiro Hamakawa, Hiroshi Kimura, Hiroyoshi Komiya, Sumiake Ibuki
      Pages 245-249
    4. F. J. Bryant, A. T. J. Baker
      Pages 250-257
    5. A. Maruani, J. P. Noblanc, G. Duraffourg
      Pages 262-268
  8. Molecular Crystals and Solutions

  9. Energy Transfer and Triplet State

    1. Mark Sharnoff, Elsa B. Iturbe
      Pages 346-353
    2. V. A. Belyakov, G. F. Fedorova, R. F. Vassil’ev
      Pages 354-361
    3. V. V. Kuznetsova, R. A. Puko, V. S. Khomenko, T. I. Razvina
      Pages 362-366
    4. M. V. Alfimov, I. G. Batekha, V. I. Gerko, Yu. B. Sheck
      Pages 367-372
    5. A. Kawski, J. Kamiński
      Pages 373-378

About these proceedings


These Proceedings report the scholarly work presented in Leningrad at the largest conference ever held on luminescence. In addition to the large number of delegates, the Conference was dis­ tinguished by strong and balanced representation on the program of papers from capitalist and socialist nations. The Conference was sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and by the Academy of Science of the USSR. As noted in the Opening Ceremony, this Conference is in the series held approximately every three years since 1938. All branches of luminescence are included. It was recognized, during the early stages of organization of the Conference, that there would be difficulties associated with the preparation of an English version of the Proceedings. Until just before the Conference, it was not evident whether translations of the Russian papers would be available and whether facilities would exist at the Conference for a working publication committee to edit the manuscripts. It was not possible, therefore, to make contractual arrangements before the Conference for publication.


applied physics crystal luminescence molecule paper physics positive ions quenching spectra translation

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  • Ferd Williams
  • B. Baron
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  • M. Martens
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  • S. P. Varma
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