Fibrous Composites in Structural Design

  • Edward M. Lenoe
  • Donald W. Oplinger
  • John J. Burke

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Comments on the Status of Composite Structures Technology

  3. Aircraft Structures

    1. Louis F. Vosteen
      Pages 7-24
    2. Robert W. Walter, Reid R. June, Jack E. Mooney, Robert A. Hamm
      Pages 63-83
    3. D. O. Losee, J. F. Willis, W. L. Zirbes
      Pages 85-102
    4. Charles R. Foreman
      Pages 103-123
    5. L. M. Lackman, W. L. O’Brien, M. S. Loyd
      Pages 125-144
  4. Missile and Space Applications

    1. D’Sam Garcia, John F. Willis, Theodore J. Muha
      Pages 145-159
    2. Hubert D. Thompson, George B. Smith, Charles H. Bixler
      Pages 161-179
    3. James E. Bell, Theodore J. Muha
      Pages 181-193
    4. J. A. Bailie, W. C. Mace, A. Wereta Jr., G. D. Menke
      Pages 195-214
    5. L. W. Rehfield, R. B. Deo, G. D. Renieri
      Pages 215-239
  5. Crashworthiness, Impact Damage, Post Buckling and Dynamics Response

    1. R. L. Foye, C. W. Swindlehurst, W. T. Hodges
      Pages 241-257
    2. Jerry G. Williams, Melvin S. Anderson, Marvin D. Rhodes, James H. Starnes Jr., W. Jefferson Stroud
      Pages 259-291
    3. J. D. Labor, N. M. Bhatia
      Pages 293-312
    4. J. N. Dickson, R. T. Cole, J. T. S. Wang
      Pages 313-327
    5. R. J. Stuart, S. Dharmarajan, L. E. Penzes
      Pages 329-340
  6. Special Design Considerations

  7. Laminate Plate Theories, Edge Effects, Flaw Growth

  8. Helicopter Applications

  9. Composite Joints

  10. Other Applications

    1. Samuel Oken, Roy W. Deppa
      Pages 659-674
    2. L. B. Greszczuk, A. V. Hawley, W. P. Couch
      Pages 675-685
    3. P. Ronald Evans, John M. Slepetz
      Pages 687-700
    4. David L. Satchwell, Dennis A. Towgood
      Pages 701-709
    5. W. J. Schuman Jr., W. D. Allison
      Pages 723-731
  11. Reliability/Durability Analysis

    1. Glen H. Lemon, James M. Norton, Max E. Waddoups
      Pages 733-759
    2. R. V. Wolff, D. J. Wilkins
      Pages 761-769
    3. C. C. Chamis, G. T. Smith
      Pages 771-780
  12. Environmental Effects

About this book


The Fourth Conference on Fibrous Composites in Structural Design was a successor to the First-to-Third Conferences on Fibrous Composites in Flight Vehicle Design sponsored by the Air Force (First and Second Conferences, September 1973 and May 1974) and by NASA (Third Conference, November 1975) which were aimed at focusing national attention on flight vehicle applications of a new class of fiber reinforced materials, the advanced com­ posites, which afforded weight savings and other advantages which had not been previously available. The Fourth Conference, held at San Diego, California, 14-17 November 1978, was the fi rst of these conferences to be jointly sponsored by the Army, Navy and Ai r Force together with NASA, as well as being the first to give attention to non-aerospace applications of fiber reinforced composites. While the design technology for aerospace applications has reached a state of relative maturity, other areas of application such as mi litary bridging, flywheel energy storage systems, ship and surface vessel components and ground vehicle components are in an early stage of development, and it was an important objective to pinpoint where careful attention to structural design was needed in such applications to achfeve maximum structural performance payoff together with a high level of reliability and attractive economics.


cement composite material design development energy energy storage fatigue glass kinetics material materials polymer reliability structural design technology

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