Practical Manual of Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

  • Ricardo Azziz
  • Ana Alvarez Murphy

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    Pages i-x
  2. Richard P. Buyalos
    Pages 15-21
  3. Ana Alvarez Murphy, V. Gabriel Garzo, Ricardo Azziz
    Pages 23-37
  4. Richard P. Buyalos
    Pages 39-46
  5. Jacqueline N. Gutmann, Michael P. Diamond
    Pages 55-64
  6. Ana Alvarez Murphy, Arlene Morales, Charles W. Nager
    Pages 79-89
  7. John S. Hesla, John A. Rock
    Pages 91-99
  8. Dan C. Martin
    Pages 101-109
  9. Michael P. Steinkampf, Ricardo Azziz
    Pages 111-123
  10. Bradley S. Hurst, William D. Schlaff
    Pages 125-136
  11. Howard A. Zacur, Denise Murray
    Pages 151-165
  12. Richard E. Blackwell
    Pages 167-172
  13. James F. Daniell
    Pages 173-181
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 221-228

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In the past decade, the future of gynecologic also arisen. Mastery is imperative. One can not endoscopic surgery has been largely unpredict­ master these techniques by mimicking what able. Now it is obvious that time has changed other surgeons do, but must understand the gynecology in such a way to make many of the principles of the technological advances. Laser procedures that were commonly done obso­ physics and properties must be understood lete. At no other time in the history of gyneco­ and, in addition, optics and television technol­ logic surgery has such an explosion occurred ogy are critical to performing excellent endo­ thus changing the face ofthis specialty to such a scopic surgery. great degree. But in addition to solving many Old timers are playing catch-up ball, but it is problems, the past decade has left us with the young that are the leaders and pioneers in many new and novel dilemmas. our field. It is for this reason that this text rep­ One of the ways in which our field has resents all that is important in endoscopic tremendously evolved is not only have some surgery. It not only is a comprehensive and en­ procedures become obsolete, but to some cyclopedic dissertation on the subject, but it is degree gynecologic surgeons have themselves written by the young leaders in the field. This is become obsolete.


Frauenheilkunde Uterus endoscopy fertility infertility laparoscopy operative Endoskopie

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  • Ana Alvarez Murphy
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  2. 2.Department of Reproductive MedicineUniversity of California, San Diego School of MedicineLa JollaUSA

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