Crystal Field Effects in Metals and Alloys

  • A. Furrer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Plenary Address

  3. Spin Waves I

    1. Per-Anker Lindgård
      Pages 9-18
    2. B. Hennion, J. Pierre, D. Schmitt, P. Morin
      Pages 19-23
    3. A. Furrer, P. M. Levy, E. Kaldis
      Pages 24-30
    4. A. Furrer, A. Murasik, Z. Kletowski
      Pages 31-36
    5. W. Groß, K. Knorr, A. P. Murani, K. H. J. Buschow
      Pages 37-41
    6. K. Knorr, B. E. F. Fender
      Pages 42-46
    7. P. Vorderwisch, S. Hautecler, J. B. Suck, H. Dachs
      Pages 47-50
  4. Magnetic Properties I

    1. V. Zevin, D. Davidov, R. Levin, D. Shaltiel, K. Baberschke
      Pages 61-65
    2. J. Nagel, K. Baberschke
      Pages 66-70
    3. M. Hardiman, S. E. Barnes, J. Pellisson
      Pages 71-75
  5. Critical Effects I

  6. Physical Properties I

    1. B. Lüthi, P. S. Wang, Y. H. Wong, H. R. Ott, E. Bucher
      Pages 104-113
    2. J. A. G. Temple, K. A. McEwen
      Pages 114-117
    3. N. Hessel Andersen, P. E. Lindelof, H. Smith, O. Splittorff, O. Vogt
      Pages 118-122
  7. Magnetic Properties II

    1. T. Inoue, S. G. Sankar, R. S. Craig, W. E. Wallace, K. A. Gschneidner Jr.
      Pages 143-147
    2. B. Barbara, M. F. Rossignol, H.-G. Purwins, E. Walker
      Pages 148-152
    3. S. G. Sankar, S. K. Malik, V. U. S. Rao, W. E. Wallace
      Pages 153-157
    4. J. L. Benchimol, F. T. Hedgcock, J. O. Strom-Olsen
      Pages 158-162
    5. J. Chappert, J. K. Yakinthos
      Pages 163-167
    6. B. Barbara, J. X. Bourcherle, J. P. Desclaux, M. F. Rossignol, J. Schweizer
      Pages 168-173
  8. Critical Effects II / Spin Waves II

    1. K.-H. Höck, H. Thomas
      Pages 184-188
    2. T. M. Holden, W. J. L. Buyers, E. C. Svensson, H.-G. Purwins
      Pages 189-197
    3. M. Loewenhaupt, F. Steglich
      Pages 198-202
    4. A. H. Millhouse, A. Furrer
      Pages 208-212
  9. Actinides, Transition Metals, Valency

  10. Magnetic Properties III / Spin Waves III

    1. A. P. Murani, K. Knorr, K. H. J. Buschow
      Pages 268-272
    2. H. Happel, P. v. Blanckenhagen, K. Knorr, A. Murani
      Pages 273-277
    3. H. Heer, A. Furrer, W. Hälg, O. Vogt
      Pages 278-283
  11. Physical Properties II

About this book


The idea of this conference grew out of the rapidly increas­ ing volume of experimental facts. and theoretical concepts related to the problem of crystal-field effects in metals and alloys. The crystal field plays an important role in the understanding of the energetic level structure of ions in condensed matter. In partic­ ular, the magnetic properties of rare earth metals and alloys are strongly influenced by the crystal field. In the phenomenological theory the crystal field successfully describes the static and dynamic magnetic properties of these systems. On the other hand the microscopic origin of the crystal field in metals is not yet fully understood. However, recent years have seen some of the areas of crystal-field effects mature to the point that they should be summarized and brought to the active notice of a larger audience. In addition, a number of exciting developments have occured which deserve attention. This book contains 13 invited and 45 contributed papers pres­ ented at the 2nd international conference on crystal-field effects in metals and alloys held at ZUrich, Switzerland, September 1-4, 1976. Emphasis was placed on the following specific categories of interest: spin waves and excitons, soft modes and critical effects, magnetic properties, physical properties influenced by crystal­ field effects, actinides and valency. Because the conference was relatively small, about 120 participants, and because the topic was relatively narrow, recent work in the field could be treated thor­ oughly and the present state of knowledge assessed comprehensively.


Holmium Praseodym Terbium Ytterbium cobalt crystal diffraction erbium exciton magnetism manganese metals rare earth metal structure waves

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  1. 1.Institute for Reactor TechniqueSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologyWürenlingenSwitzerland

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