Topology and Maps

  • Taqdir Husain

Part of the Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering book series (MCSENG, volume 5)

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About this book


This work is suitable for undergraduate students as well as advanced students and research workers. It consists of ten chapters, the first six of which are meant for beginners and are therefore suitable for undergraduate students; Chapters VII-X are suitable for advanced students and research workers interested in functional analysis. This book has two special features: First, it contains generalizations of continuous maps on topological spaces, e. g. , almost continuous maps, nearly continuous maps, maps with closed graph, graphically continuous maps, w-continuous maps, and a-continuous maps, etc. and some of their properties. The treatment of these notions appears here, in Chapter VII, for the first time in book form. The second feature consists in some not-so-easily-available nuptial delights that grew out of the marriage of topology and functional analysis; they are topics mainly courted by functional analysts and seldom given in topology books. Specifically, one knows that the set C(X) of all real- or com­ plex-valued continuous functions on a completely regular space X forms a locally convex topological algebra, a fortiori a topological vector space, in the compact-open topology. A number of theorems are known: For example, C(X) is a Banach space iff X is compact, or C(X) is complete iff X is a kr-space, and so on. Chapters VIII and X include this material, which, to the regret of many interested readers has not previously been available in book form (a recent publication (Weir [\06]) does, however, contain some material of our Chapter X).


Baire space Banach space Compact space Compactification Separation axiom algebra boundary element method compactness functional functional analysis functions set theorem topological vector space topology

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