Metallurgical Effects at High Strain Rates

  • R. W. Rohde
  • B. M. Butcher
  • J. R. Holland
  • C. H. Karnes

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N1-xii
  2. Introduction

    1. George E. Duvall
      Pages 1-13
  3. Tutorial Papers

    1. G. R. Fowles
      Pages 15-31
    2. O. E. Jones
      Pages 33-55
    3. W. Herrmann, D. L. Hicks
      Pages 57-91
    4. J. W. Taylor
      Pages 107-128
    5. David J. O’Keeffe, D. John Pastine
      Pages 157-169
  4. Phase Transformations

    1. D. P. Dandekar, G. E. Duvall
      Pages 185-200
    2. Peter J. Wasilewski, Arthur S. Doan Jr., J. R. Asay, F. B. McLean, R. B. Oswald Jr., D. R. Schallhorn et al.
      Pages 225-254
  5. Dislocation Drag Mechanisms

    1. A. V. Granato, Frank A. McClintock, T. Vreeland Jr., K. M. Jassby
      Pages 255-275
    2. T. Vreeland Jr., K. M. Jassby, Frank A. McClintock
      Pages 277-285
    3. Peter P. Gillis, James M. Kelly, T. Vreeland Jr., K. M. Jassby, Frank A. McClintock
      Pages 287-310
    4. J. M. Galligan, M. Suenaga
      Pages 311-318
  6. Dislocation Dynamics

    1. J. Weertman, T. Vreeland Jr., K. M. Jassby
      Pages 319-333
    2. L. E. Pope, A. L. Stevens
      Pages 349-366
    3. P. L. Studt, E. Nidick, F. Uribe, A. K. Mukherjee, C. H. Karnes
      Pages 379-400
  7. Fracture Processes

    1. Frank A. McClintock
      Pages 415-427
    2. W. B. Jones, H. I. Dawson
      Pages 443-458
    3. A. L. Stevens, L. E. Pope
      Pages 459-472
    4. D. A. Shockey, L. Seaman, D. R. Curran
      Pages 473-499
  8. Deformation Mechanics

  9. Microstructural Effects

  10. Back Matter
    Pages 689-699

About this book


A conference on Metallurgical Effects at High Strain Rates was held at Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 5 through 8, 1973, under joint sponsorship of Sandia Laboratories and the Physical Metallurgy Committee of The Metallurgical Society of AIME. This book presents the written proceedings of the meeting. The purpose of the conference was to gather scientists from diverse disciplines and stimulate interdisciplinary discussions on key areas of materials response at high strain rates. In this spirit, it was similar to one of the first highly successful con­ ferences on this subject held in 1960, in Estes Park, Colorado, on The Response of Metals to High Velocity Deformation. The 1973 conference was able to demonstrate rather directly the increased understanding of high strain rate effects in metals that has evolved over a period of roughly 12 years. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the meeting, the first day was devoted to a tutorial session of invited papers to provide attendees of diverse backgrounds with a common basis of understanding. Sessions were then held with themes centered around key areas of the high strain rate behavior of metals.


material metallurgy metals

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