Adhesion of Dust and Powder

  • Anatolii D. Zimon

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About this book


ties on adhesion (Chapter V); and the detachment of particles by an air stream (Chapter X). The other chapters have undergone substantial revision: New material has been introduced, and topics such as autohesion, wetting, film ad­ hesion, and surface washing have been eliminated. The expansion of research on adhesive interaction has led to many joint endeavors with students and followers; the author gives special thanks to G. A. Serebryakov, K. A. Lazarev, E. I. Andrianov, E. I. Dergunov, and E. A. Ronginskii. Many years of creative cooperation bind the author to the staff of the Omsk Branch of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute, headed by Zh. T. Tekenov, Candidate of Physico mathematical Sciences. The author thanks Professor G.1. Fuks, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, for his help in the preparation of the first and second editions of this monograph; his constructive criticism and gracious assistance have raised the level of quality of the material set forth here. In the preparation of this book, as in all the previous books, inestimable help has been given by my wife, Antonina Alekseevna Zimon, without whose participation it would have been unthinkable to carry out such a volume of work.


adhesion electrolyte film material preparation quality research surface

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