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  3. W. Kalow, A. E. LeBlanc
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  4. William E. Fann, John L. Sullivan III, C. Raymond Lake, Robert D. Miller
    Pages 169-182
  5. Gilbert S. Omenn, A. G. Motulsky
    Pages 183-228
  6. Merrill F. Elias, Clyde A. Pentz
    Pages 229-321
  7. Everett H. Ellinwood Jr, M. Marlyne Kilbey
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  8. William E. Fann, Bruce W. Richman
    Pages 377-382
  9. Kurt Schlesinger, Seth K. Sharpless
    Pages 383-433
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This short volume of an apparently double hybrid science deals with major pharmacologic effects on behavior in genetically defined animal and, to a lesser extent, human populations. Thus, a new name, psychopharmacogenetics, was coined to designate its contents. The necessity for such compilation of some of the major data has become increasingly urgent. For some time now, there has been available information dealing with pharmacogenetics and behavior genetics. Recently, with ever-increasing frequency, however, data have been accumulating that deal with the effects of specific drugs on behavior and behavioral responses in animals with known genetic background. Initially, the data were gathered in various species and in a number of strains within given species of animals. With the availability of mutations, inbred strains, segregating strains of various types, recombinant inbred strains and congenic lines, the experimental approach to psychopharmacogenetics has now reached a new peak of sophistication. This volume attempts to present some of the major experiments in this area, along with comprehensive sur­ vey of the status of a given drug. It is hoped that reading of the information that has been com­ piled herein will ultimately lead to a stimulus for further research in the areas outlined, as well as make the reader acquainted with new approaches to drug:behavior:genetic research. Basil E. Eleftheriou June, 1975 v CONTENTS Introduction. • • • • • • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Basil E. Eleftheriou Genes and Drugs as Behavior Modifying Agents.


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