Molecular Cytogenetics

  • Barbara Ann Hamkalo
  • John Papaconstantinou

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. C. A. Thomas Jr.
    Pages 1-7
  3. Eric H. Davidson, Barbara R. Hough, Christopher S. Amenson, Roy J. Britten, Dale E. Graham, Berney R. Neufeld et al.
    Pages 9-30
  4. Adrian P. Bird, Jean-David Rochaix, Aimée H. Bakken
    Pages 49-58
  5. Joseph G. Gall
    Pages 59-74
  6. Max L. Birnstiel, Eric S. Weinberg, Mary Lou Pardue
    Pages 75-93
  7. Giorgio Bernardi, Stanislav D. Ehrlich, Jean-Paul Thiery
    Pages 95-99
  8. Michael Grunstein, Paul Schedl, Larry Kedes
    Pages 115-123
  9. R. Brentani, N. Marques, J. Balsamo, L. Wang, M. Myiashita, A. M. S. Stolf
    Pages 125-131
  10. Ronald J. Hill, K. G. Maundrell, H. G. Callan
    Pages 147-153
  11. Sarah Jane Flint, David I. de Pomerai, C. James Chesterton, Peter H. W. Butterworth
    Pages 167-179
  12. Henry R. Mahler
    Pages 181-208
  13. A. Graessmann, M. Graessmann, F. J. S. Larat
    Pages 209-215
  14. B. D. Hall, M. Brzezinska, C. P. Hollenberg, L. D. Schultz
    Pages 217-226
  15. Richard B. Hallick, William J. Rutter
    Pages 227-231
  16. Bruce Alberts
    Pages 233-251
  17. Geoffrey Zubay, Huey-Lang Yang, Gary Reiness, Michael Cashel
    Pages 253-261
  18. Norman H. Giles, Mary E. Case, James W. Jacobson
    Pages 309-314
  19. Barbara A. Hamkalo, O. L. Miller Jr., Aimée H. Bakken
    Pages 315-323
  20. Hewson Swift
    Pages 325-348
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 349-359

About this book


This volume represents the Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Biology Division Research Conference held April 9-12, 1973 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The subject of the symposium was Molecular Cytogenetics and the aim of the meeting was to bring together researchers interested in problems of chromosome organi­ zation, activity and regulation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Cytological, biochemical and genetic approaches to these questions were included since the collective information gained from these disciplines provides an integrated approach to genome structure and function. The meeting was sponsored by the Biology Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory*. It would not have been possible with­ out the interest and cooperation of the organizing committee under the chairmanship of O. L. Miller, Jr. Special thanks are due to the chairmen and speakers for making this volume possible and to Dr. Waldo Cohn for his assistance in editing. Preparation of the completed volume was due in large part to the efforts of Sandra Vaughan of the Biology Division. The Editors Barbara Ann Hamkalo John Papaconstantinou August, 1973 * Operated by the Union Carbide Corporation for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.


chromosome cytogenetics genetics

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  • John Papaconstantinou
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  1. 1.Biology DivisionOak Ridge National LaboratoryOak RidgeUSA

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