• M. M. Fisher
  • C. A. Goresky
  • E. A. Shaffer
  • S. M. Strasberg

Part of the Hepatology book series (H, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Gallstones

    1. Murray M. Fisher
      Pages 1-17
    2. D. June Sutor
      Pages 19-29
  3. Physiology of Biliary Secretion

  4. Physical Chemistry of Bile

    1. D. M. Small, D. Atkinson, T. Redgrave, G. G. Shipley, A. R. Tall
      Pages 113-129
    2. Martin C. Carey
      Pages 131-141
    3. E. W. Toor, D. F. Evans, E. L. Cussler
      Pages 169-181
  5. Pathogenesis of Cholesterol Gallstone Formation

  6. Recent Advances in the Synthesis, Metabolism, and Secretion of Biliary Lipids

  7. Recent Advances in the Radiological Investigation of Gallstone Disease

    1. Bruce D. Doust
      Pages 325-331
    2. Eldon A. Shaffer
      Pages 333-349
  8. Current Management of Uncomplicated Cholelithiasis

  9. Current Management of Choledocholithiasis

    1. David S. Zimmon
      Pages 397-410
  10. Summary

    1. M. M. Fisher, C. A. Goresky, E. A. Shaffer, S. M. Strasberg
      Pages 429-432
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 433-443

About this book


Gallstone disease has afflicted man since antiquity, but only in the past decade has it been recognized as a major health problem and been the subject of widespread investigation. This investiga­ tion, initiated by the definition of the limits of cholesterol solubility in bile, has led to our current understanding of the pathogenesis of gallstone formation and has provided the hasis for a rational approach to the in situ dissolution and prevention of cholesterol gallstones. This volume comprises the papers and discussion which formed the Fourth International Syrnposium of the Canadian Foundation for Diseases of the Liver. The Syrnposiurn, held in Montreal on May 12 and 13, 1978, was designed to bring together investigators from various disciplines and to review the current status of cholesterol gallstone disease. The Editors wish to thank these experts for their lucid and important contributions. We also wish to thank Valerie M. Price and Dianne McFee, of the Canadian Foundation for Diseases of the Liver, for their considerable and expert help in organizing the meeting, and preparing this volume for publication.


bile bile acid diseases endoscopy enterohepatic circulation gallbladder gallstone health liver pathogenesis prevention

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