Computers in Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine

  • Sreedhar Nair
  • Omar Prakash
  • Richard P. Imbruce
  • Gary S. Jacobson
  • Thomas P. Haller

Part of the Computers in Biology and Medicine book series (CBM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Stanley W. Weitzner
    Pages 1-18
  3. Christen C. Rattenborg, Robert Buccini, John Kestner, Ray Mikula
    Pages 19-26
  4. Frank J. Wilson Jr., James P. Florez, Roger C. Bone, F. Charles Hiller
    Pages 27-32
  5. A. M. Preszler, G. N. Gee, R. L. Sheldon, J. E. Hodgkin
    Pages 33-39
  6. David Kalinsky, Avram Miller, Gaby Shapira, Stephen Morris, Harry Comerchero
    Pages 41-50
  7. Clifford M. Janson, John E. Brimm, Richard M. Peters
    Pages 51-58
  8. Jos. R. C. Jansen, Jan M. Bogaard, Eric von Reth, Jan J. Schreuder, Adrian Versprille
    Pages 59-68
  9. D. R. Westenskow, R. J. Bowman, D. B. Raemer, K. B. Ohlson, W. S. Jordan
    Pages 79-87
  10. Edwin G. Brown, Francis E. McDonnell, Eresvita E. Cabatu, Roy A. Jurado, Susan L. Maier, Robert J. Wynn
    Pages 103-119
  11. Jacob G. Schwartz, Andrew M. Trattner, Thomas H. Shaffer, William W. Fox
    Pages 121-128
  12. O. Prakash, B. Jonson, S. H. Meij, S. G. van der Borden, P. G. Hugenholtz
    Pages 129-148
  13. Shyam V. S. Rithalia, Peter Herbert, Jack Tinker
    Pages 157-163
  14. S. Jeretin, Z. Milavc, M. Bratanic, S. Steen, R. Smith
    Pages 165-171
  15. Richard M. Peters, John E. Brimm, Clifford M. Janson
    Pages 173-188
  16. R. S. Swinney, J. R. Stafford, P. W. Wagers, M. W. Davenport, W. S. Wheeler
    Pages 189-195
  17. Stuart B. Pett Jr., Eddie I. Hoover, William A. Gay Jr., Valvanuar Subramanian
    Pages 197-207
  18. R. W. Hagen, M. W. Browder, W. R. Roloff, L. J. Thomas Jr.
    Pages 209-215
  19. J. C. Kunz, L. M. Fagen, E. A. Feigenbaum, J. J. Osborn
    Pages 217-222
  20. John E. Brimm, Mark Halloran, Clifford M. Janson, Richard M. Peters
    Pages 223-232
  21. H. Burchardi, T. Stokke, I. Hensel, H. Angerer, W. Roehrborn
    Pages 253-264
  22. J. S. Augenstein, J. M. Civetta, G. F. Andrews, I. Lustig
    Pages 265-267
  23. A. A. Spence, W. O. M. Davis, R. Allison, H. Y. Wishart
    Pages 279-280
  24. John E. Brimm, Clifford M. Janson, Richard M. Peters, Michael M. Stern
    Pages 281-290
  25. A. M. Benis, H. L. Fitzkee, R. A. Jurado, R. S. Litwak
    Pages 291-310
  26. Spencer L. SooHoo, Spencer K. Koerner, Harvey V. Brown
    Pages 311-328
  27. A. Patel, D. Tashkin, G. Ellis, E. Peterson
    Pages 329-346
  28. George R. Meneely, Francis S. Knox III, Steven A. Conrad, Chester Ellis, Stephen G. Jenkinson, Ronald B. George
    Pages 347-373
  29. J. C. Kunz, R. J. Fallat, D. H. McClung, J. J. Osborn, B. A. Votteri, H. P. Nii et al.
    Pages 375-379
  30. John E. Brimm, Clifford M. Janson, Maureen A. Knight, Richard M. Peters
    Pages 381-391
  31. Judith Fulton, Judith Piggins, Mark Halloran
    Pages 393-400
  32. H. Klement, R. Rand, C. Haffajee, C. L. Feldman, P. Kotilainen
    Pages 401-405
  33. P. W. Kotilainen, P. A. Tessier, T. G. Stickles, D. W. Howe
    Pages 407-412
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 413-427

About this book


In May 1979 the first international symposium on Computers in Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine was held at Norwalk Hospital-Yale University School of Medicine. Scientists from eigh­ teen different countries participated in the program which illus­ trated the importance of computer applications in critical care and respiratory physiology. This book presents the proceedings of the symposium. would I like to thank Miss Nancy Smith for her untiring efforts and excellent work in typing the manuscripts. Mr. Gary Jacobson and Mr. Thomas Haller have been invaluable in the computerized preparation of the manuscripts and in the use of word processing equipment. I would also like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by my wife Rhoda Nair for her helpful suggestions and her as­ sistance in editing this book. February 1980 Sreedhar Nair v ERRATUM There is a systematic error in the Table of Contents printed on pages vii-x. The corrected Table of Contents appears below. CONTENTS Analog Computation for Evaluation of Ventilators . . . . • 1 S.W. Weitzner Ventilator Surveillance - Routine Application and Quality Control . . . . . 19 C.C. Rattenborg, R. Buccini, J. Kestner, and R. Mikula Automated Estimation of Respiratory Dead Space: 27 Tidal Volume Ratio . . . . .


Monitor computer control diagnosis hospital medicine physiology preparation processing quality quality control respiration spirometry tissue

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