Chiral Separations

  • D. Stevenson
  • I. D. Wilson

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. William H. Pirkle, Thomas C. Pochapsky, John A. Burke III, Kris C. Deming
    Pages 23-35
  3. Karla G. Feitsma, Ben F. H. Drenth, Rokus A. de Zeeuw
    Pages 37-41
  4. Anthony F. Fell, Terence A. G. Noctor
    Pages 121-125
  5. I. D. Wilson, R. J. Ruane
    Pages 135-143
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 145-206

About this book


This volume represents the proceedings of a two-day international meeting on chiral chromatography held at the University of Surrey between 3-4 September 1987. The meeting was jointly organized by the Chromatographic SOCiety and the Robens Institute of the University of Surrey in response to the burgeoning interest in this rapid maturing field of chromatography. Nowhere is this interest more evident than in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries where the implications of different pharmacological and toxicological activity for the individual enantiomers present in a racemic drug ol" insecticide is an increasing area of concern. Developments in the area of chiral separations are at last beginning to provide SCientists with the necessary tools to study how animals and man handle racemates and relate their obseIVations to the obseIVed biological effects of these substances. The development of robust and Simple methods for the separation of enantiomers will therefore have a profound Impact on safety evaluation and drug design. The meeting proved to be very successful. with over 160 delegates from thirteen countries in Europe and America present to learn from the experiences of experts in the field of chiral chromatography and to hear about the latest developments. Hopefully. in future symposia on chiral separations at the University of Surrey.


alcohol amino acid chemistry chromatography cognition development drug drug design evaluation fluorescence growth joint metabolism pharmacology safety

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  1. 1.The Robens Institute of Industrial and Environmental Health and SafetyUniversity of SurreyGuildford, SurreyUK
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