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New developments in the study of environmental mutagens continue to evolve in this rapidly emerging field. In Volume 7 of Chemical Mutagens, we have focused on various new techniques for the detection of genetic damage in somatic cells and germ cells of mammals and the use of lower eukaryotic microorganisms to detect aneuploidy as well as other types of genetic damage. Attention has also been given to the role of in vitro metabolic activation as a mechanism for modifying the genetic effects of different environmental chemicals. In a chapter on compar­ ative mutagenesis, reaction kinetics and their relationship to the mu­ tagenic action of monofunctional alkylating agents in higher eukaryotic organisms are examined. In another chapter, the pharmacology and toxicology of nitrites and nitrates, which are in widespread distribution in the environment, are discussed in detail. The books in this series have provided a mechanism for the publication of many important new developments in the study of the genetic effects of environmental chemicals. This series was launched by Dr. Alexander Hollaender who, beginning in 1971, edited Volumes 1-4 and then coedited Volumes 5-7. The success of his lO-year effort with these volumes is another testimony to Dr. Hollaender's many contri­ butions to the field of environmental mutagenesis. As Dr.


DNA Mamma Mitose Nitrat Nitrit amino acid biology chromosome metabolism mouse mutagen protein

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