Cardiology for the primary care Physician

  • Joseph S. Alpert

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Julius J. Chosy
    Pages 13-16
  3. Maher Nahlawi, Thomas A. Holly
    Pages 17-24
  4. Robert C. Hendel
    Pages 25-36
  5. Charles M. Blatt, Thomas B. Graboys
    Pages 73-78
  6. Peter Ott, Eric N. Prystowsky
    Pages 79-87
  7. Michael H. Humphreys, Joy L. Logan
    Pages 89-96
  8. Pantel S. Vokonas, William B. Kannel
    Pages 97-106
  9. Barry A. Franklin, Gerald F. Fletcher
    Pages 107-114
  10. Neil J. Stone
    Pages 115-132
  11. Thomas G. Pickering, Norman K. Hollenberg
    Pages 143-150
  12. Vincent DeQuattro, Deping Lee
    Pages 151-160
  13. Tomasz Stys, Susan Simandl, Peter F. Cohn
    Pages 161-169
  14. John Speer Schroeder
    Pages 171-176
  15. Ernst R. Schwarz, Erik C. Skobel
    Pages 177-193
  16. Sidney C. Smith Jr., Park W. Willis IV
    Pages 195-201
  17. Richard B. Devereux
    Pages 203-211
  18. Michael A. Fifer
    Pages 213-222
  19. William R. Pitts, L. David Hillis
    Pages 223-228
  20. Gregg M. Yamada, Joseph S. Alpert
    Pages 229-233
  21. Mohammad Asif, Timothy J. Regan
    Pages 235-246
  22. Martin E. Goldman, Edward A. Fisher
    Pages 247-257
  23. Martin E. Goldman
    Pages 259-269
  24. Gordon A. Ewy
    Pages 271-278
  25. Jae K. Oh, Paul T. Vaitkus, Martin M. LeWinter, Joseph S. Alpert
    Pages 279-288
  26. Melvin D. Cheitlin, John A. Paraskos
    Pages 289-303
  27. John S. Child, Joseph S. Alpert
    Pages 305-311
  28. Stuart Rich
    Pages 313-318
  29. Paul D. Stein, Russell D. Hull
    Pages 319-327
  30. Elizabeth O. Ofili, Adafisayo Oduwole, Navin C. Nanda
    Pages 329-336
  31. Steven B. Johnson, A. James Liedtke
    Pages 337-346
  32. Gregg M. Yamada, Joseph S. Alpert
    Pages 347-352
  33. John A. Spittell Jr., Peter C. Spittell
    Pages 353-362
  34. Seemant Chaturvedi, Marc Fisher
    Pages 375-380
  35. Clifford J. Rosen
    Pages 381-389
  36. David F. Giansiracusa, Deborah M. DeMarco, Leslie R. Harrold
    Pages 391-399
  37. J. V. Nixon
    Pages 401-410
  38. Brad S. Burlew, Howard R. Horn, Jay M. Sullivan
    Pages 411-415
  39. Charles K. Moore, John B. O’Connell, Joseph S. Alpert
    Pages 417-425
  40. Hongsheng M. Guo, Omer A. Bajwa, Brian Olshansky
    Pages 427-439
  41. Back Matter
    Pages 441-456

About this book


A variety of cardiovascular illnesses are now being encountered with surprising frequency in many general adult medical practices. With contributions from 70 top experts, Cardiology for the Primary Care Physician provides complete coverage of the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to patients with cardiovascular diseases - in one easy-to-use source. In 46 chapters the primary care physician can find information on all types of cardiovascular illnesses such as infectious myocarditis, cardiac arrhythmias, pheochromocytoma, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The many charts, tables and diagrams, as well as a special color plates section, enhance understanding and bring the text to life. Key points at the beginning of each chapter, together with extensive references and recommended reading lists, make this text an ideal work companion.


atrial fibrillation cardiovascular congenital heart disease embolism heart hypertension vascular disease

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  • Joseph S. Alpert
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineUniversity of Arizona, Health Sciences CenterTucsonUSA

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