Numerical Computation of Electric and Magnetic Fields

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About this book


Since the first edition of this book was published in 1987, there have been several important changes in the state of numerical field computation, as discussed in the Introduction. These changes have motivated the publication of this second edition. As with the first edition, the objective of this second edition is to give the newcomer to field computation the information needed to perform practical field computations. Again, clarity of presentation is given greater emphasis than a high degree of sophistication or the state of the art. And again, the basic concepts of field computation are presented as well as the commonly used algorithms. Several persons have provided much valuable information for this second edition. I wish to thank Professor Giorgio Molinari of the University of Genoa, Italy for advice regarding adaptive mesh generation; Dr. C. R. E. Emson of Vector Fields, Ltd., England and Dr. John Brauer of McNeal-Schwendler Corp. for their advice on transient eddy current computation; and Dr. Zoltan Cendes of Ansoft Corp. for information about their adaptive mesh generator. Again, I would like to acknowledge the support for this second edition by my wife, Candace. Again, I could not have written this book without her support.


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