Public Choice Essays in Honor of a Maverick Scholar: Gordon Tullock

  • Price Fishback
  • Gary Libecap
  • Edward Zajac

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  2. Price Fishback, Gary Libecap, Edward Zajac
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  3. Robert D. Tollison
    Pages 13-28
  4. James M. Buchanan, Yong J. Yoon
    Pages 71-81
  5. Hans G. Monissen
    Pages 99-123
  6. Dwight R. Lee, Richard B. McKenzie
    Pages 125-136
  7. Richard L. Stroup
    Pages 137-150
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 169-173

About this book


In May 1999, over 50 distinguished scholars from all over the world gathered to honor Gordon Tullock, one of the most prolific, original, and versatile scholars of his generation. Tullock is best known for his pioneering work in Public Choice, the study of how self-interested individuals interact with governments. Tullock's research in public choice has contributed to the understanding of the decisions made by elected officials and bureaucrats, as well as knowledge and how individuals and pressure groups both inside and outside the government seek to shape it.
Public Choice Essays in Honor of a Maverick Scholar: Gordon Tullock includes contributions that were strongly influenced by Tullock's work. His influence on studies of governance is well illustrated by the nine papers in this volume. These papers and the discussion touch upon a broad array of aspects of public choice and of Tullock's research.


Governance Public Choice development instability leadership research science and technology stability value-at-risk

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