Breast Epithelial Antigens

Molecular Biology to Clinical Applications

  • Roberto L. Ceriani

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Session I

    1. D. H. Wreschner, I. Tsarfaty, M. Hareuveni, J. Zaretsky, N. I. Smorodinsky, S. Zrihan et al.
      Pages 1-13
    2. Sandra J. Gendler, Andrew P. Spicer, Lucy Pemberton, Carole A. Lancaster, Trevor Duhig, Nigel Peat et al.
      Pages 15-23
    3. J. Hilkens, M. J. L. Ligtenberg, S. Litvinov, H. L. Vos, A. M. C. Gennissen, F. Buys et al.
      Pages 25-34
    4. D. Larocca, J. A. Peterson, R. Urrea, J. Kuniyoshi, A. Bistrain, G. Walkup et al.
      Pages 35-44
    5. Jerry A. Peterson, David Larocca, Gary Walkup, Richard Amiya, Roberto L. Ceriani
      Pages 55-68
  3. Session II

    1. Gordon Parry, Christine Lekutis, Karen Singer, Anhthu Bui, Dale Yuzuki, John Stubbs
      Pages 83-89
    2. David B. Ring, Tim Shi, Sylvia T. Hsieh-Ma, John Reeder, Audrey Eaton, Jeffrey Flatgaard
      Pages 91-104
    3. Dean P. Edwards, Patricia A. Estes, Sergio Oñate, Candace A. Beck, Angelo M. DeMarzo, Steven K. Nordeen
      Pages 105-116
  4. Session III

    1. Thomas W. Keenan, Daniel P. Dylewski
      Pages 117-129
    2. Joseph P. Brown, Rose Beer, Sidney Наllam, Patricia Stewart, Kristi Stob, Ted A. W. Splinter
      Pages 141-150
    3. John G. Konrath, Louise W. Przywara, Donald M. Lynch, Kim K. Borden, Albert L. Sorrell, Ruthie L. Thillen et al.
      Pages 169-182
    4. Roberto L. Ceriani, David Larocca, Jerry A. Peterson, Richard Amiya, Sean Enloe, Edward W. Blank
      Pages 183-193
  5. Session IV

    1. Carol A. Nieroda, Edward Martin Jr.
      Pages 195-209
    2. E. J. Shpall, R. C. Bast Jr., C. S. Johnson, W. P. Peters, R. B. Jones
      Pages 211-214
    3. Paul A. Bunn Jr., David G. Dienhart, Rene Gonzalez, Ravindra Kasliwal, Duane Bloedow, Claudia Hartmann et al.
      Pages 215-225
    4. S. J. DeNardo, K. A. Warhoe, L. F. O’Grady, G. L. DeNardo, I. Hellstrom, K. E. Hellstrom et al.
      Pages 227-232
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 233-245

About this book


The wealth of research results in the area of breast cancer diagnosis and therapy with monoclonal antibodies presented in previous workshops is now complemented with a new rendition of the proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies and Breast Cancer. held in San Francisco on November 5-6. 1990. Basic science findings reported in previous workshops have now percolated to the clinical level and have become immunoassays and imaging and therapy reagents. as the program shows us. Thus. the latest discoveries in immunology. biochemistry and molecular biology of breast epithelial antigens and their corresponding antibodies have produced newer diagnostic tests and therapeutic approaches that are altering and improving the way we attack breast cancer. The recent spectacular and rapid advancements in the molecular biology of several of the breast epithelial antigens are presented in this volume. The way in which the final assembly of different components of the breast antigens is achieved and their functions are now within our grasp as a result of new understanding of molecular structure of these breast antigens. In addition. newer immunoassays aiming at the earliest detection of the disease are also described that integrate with promising attempts at imaging and radioimmunotherapy to set the stage for new oncological possibilities in breast cancer treatment. All these areas of intense involvement of scientists with diverse specialties are presented in this volume. which proves the need for multidisciplinary approaches to increase our chances for success in this field of medical research.


Antigen biochemistry biology cancer treatment chemistry imaging immunology immunotherapy molecular biology

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