Sol-Gel Processing and Applications

  • Yosry A. Attia

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Sol-Gel Fundamentals: Sol Formation and Polymerization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Stig E. Friberg, Ali Amran
      Pages 17-25
    3. Hiroshi Hirashima, Satoru Sasaki, Manabu Gengyou
      Pages 61-65
    4. Zhang Chi-Ming, Chen Song-Ying, Zhang Fen-Qing, Peng Shao-Yi
      Pages 67-71
    5. Zhang Chi-Ming, Chen Song-Ying, Xu De-Ping, Peng Shao-Yi
      Pages 73-77
  3. Sol-Gel Thin Films and Coatings

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 79-79
    2. B. D. Fabes, D. P. Birnie III, Brian J. J. Zelinski, S. M. Melpolder, M. J. Hanrahan
      Pages 81-95
    3. Daniel S. Hagberg, David A. Payne
      Pages 97-102
    4. Hiroshi Hirashima, Mika Takemori, Mihoko Horiuchi, Yusuke Obu, Takayuki Nagai
      Pages 103-109
    5. R. A. Cairncross, A. Limbert, L. F. Francis, L. E. Scriven
      Pages 111-118
  4. Advanced Sol-Gel Materials

  5. Preparation of Advanced Aerogels

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 199-199
    2. A. Venkateswara Rao, G. M. Pajonk, N. N. Parvathy, E. Elaloui
      Pages 237-256
    3. W. Lenhard, A. Emmerling, J. Fricke
      Pages 257-265
    4. G. M. Pajonk, E. Elaloui, M. Durant, J. L. Chevalier, B. Chevalier, P. Achard
      Pages 267-273
    5. J. Groß, J. Lukas, J. Fricke, F. Schwertfeger
      Pages 275-283
    6. Stephane Rouanet, Ronald J. Willey, John B. Peri
      Pages 285-293
    7. U. Klett, T. Heinrich, A. Emmerling, J. Fricke
      Pages 295-302
    8. Chi-Ming Zhang, Song-Ying Chen, Zheng-Ping Yang, Shao-Yi Peng
      Pages 303-307
  6. Recent/Novel Applications of Aerogels

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 309-309
    2. Yosry A. Attia, M. S. Ahmed, M. Zhu
      Pages 311-321
    3. Stanislas J. Teichner, Mohammad Khalfallah, Daniel Bianchi, Jean-Louis Gass
      Pages 323-342
    4. Fritz Schwertfeger, Andreas Emmerling, Joachim Gross, Ulrich Schubert, J. Fricke
      Pages 343-349
    5. L. W. Hrubesh, R. W. Pekala
      Pages 363-367
    6. R. W. Pekala, S. T. Mayer, J. L. Kaschmitter, F. M. Kong
      Pages 369-377
    7. Chi-Ming Zhang, Song-Ying Chen, Zhen-Ping Yang, Shao-Yi Peng
      Pages 379-383
    8. Chi-Ming Zhang, De-Ping Xu, Song-Ying Chen, Shao-Yi Peng
      Pages 385-389
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 391-394

About this book


During my professional career, I developed a strong interest in sol-gel technology, and worked on both xerogel and aerogel systems. My fascination with aerogels has driven me to explore their commercial potential, which is currently an important component of my company's business plan. Together with my co-workers, I have also worked on the preparation of controlled PZT and silica xerogels as well as thin film coatings of metals by the sol-gel technology, These experiences convinced me of the tremendous potentials of this technology. A conviction that is shared by many scientists, engineers, and business leaders around the globe. Many sol-gel derived products are already articles of commerce. However, to expand the commercial potential of sol-gel technology, two challenges must be met: (1) the quality of sol-gel derived products must continue to meet or exceed the quality of competing products, (2) the production cost of sol-gel products (specially aerogels) must continued to decline. A key to lowering the costs of sol-gel products is finding inexpensive precursors.


X-Ray composite crystal polymer sol-gel

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