Minimally Processed Refrigerated Fruits & Vegetables

  • Robert C. Wiley

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The objective of this book is to introduce, organize, and document the scientific, technical and practical aspects involved with the man­ ufacture, storage, distribution and marketing of minimally pro­ cessed refrigerated (MPR) fruits and vegetables. The overall func­ tion of these foods is to provide a convenient, like-fresh product for food service and retail consumers. A high level of quality accom­ panied by superior safety are essential requisites of MPR fruits and vegetables. Since refrigeration or chilling is essential to the quality and safety of these food products, "refrigeration" is included in the title of this book, i.e. MPRefrigerated fruits and vegetables. This swiftly emerging area of processing requires organization and unification of thinking concerning fruit and vegetable food products which are not considered commercially sterile from a classical stand­ point. Fruits and vegetables require very special attention because of the multitude of enzymic and respiratory factors as well as mi­ crobiological concerns which impact on the safety of low acid and acidified vegetables and on the economic viability of high acid fruit products of all kinds.


Oxidation atmosphere biological distribution environment enzyme enzymes food fruit microbiology nutrition preservation processing quality

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