Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Agricultural Production Systems

  • Otto C. DoeringIII
  • J. C. Randolph
  • Jane Southworth
  • Rebecca A. Pfeifer

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Otto C. Doering III, J. C. Randolph
    Pages 1-20
  3. Jane Southworth
    Pages 21-41
  4. Joe T. Ritchie, Gopal Alagarswamy
    Pages 43-68
  5. Rebecca A. Pfeifer, J. C. Randolph
    Pages 69-83
  6. Jane Southworth, Rebecca A. Pfeifer, Michael Habeck
    Pages 127-157
  7. Rebecca A. Pfeifer, Michael Habeck
    Pages 159-177
  8. Rebecca A. Pfeifer, Jane Southworth, Otto C. Doering III, Leah Moore
    Pages 179-191
  9. Graciela O. Magrin, María I. Travasso
    Pages 193-218
  10. Anne Williams, Fernando F. Pruski, Mark A. Nearing
    Pages 249-264
  11. Otto C. Doering, J. C. Randolph, Jane Southworth, Rebecca A. Pfeifer
    Pages 265-271
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 273-275

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Effects of Climate Change and Viarability on the Agricultural Production Systems provides an integrated assessment of global climate change's impact on agriculture at the farm level, in the context of farm level adaptation decisions. Ten agricultural areas in the Upper Midwest region - the heart of the United States' corn belt - were subjected to climate change and changing climate variability scenarios through simulations of future climate using results from general circulation models. Crop growth models, calibrated to the study sites, were used to simulate yields under varying climate conditions. Farm level production and economic analyses were performed to determine what adaptation strategies might be best utilized to maintain production and profitability for producers under conditions of global climate change and changing climate variability. Similar integrated analyses from Australia and Argentina provide comparisons from different regions.


Greenhouse gas Precipitation adaptation climate change temperature wheat

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