Prehistoric Archaeology on the Continental Shelf

A Global Review

  • Amanda M. Evans
  • Joseph C. Flatman
  • Nicholas C. Flemming

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Charles E. Pearson, Richard A. Weinstein, Sherwood M. Gagliano, David B. Kelley
    Pages 53-72
  3. Dennis Stanford, Darrin Lowery, Margaret Jodry, Bruce A. Bradley, Marvin Kay, Thomas W. Stafford Jr. et al.
    Pages 73-93
  4. aDiego Carbias, Isabel Cartajena, Renato Simonetti, Patricio López, Carla Morales, Cristina Ortega
    Pages 131-149
  5. Andrew Bicket, Antony Firth, Louise Tizzard, Jonathan Benjamin
    Pages 213-232
  6. David Nutley
    Pages 255-273
  7. Kenzo Hayashida, Jun Kimura, Randall Sasaki
    Pages 275-290
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 301-307

About this book


Climate change, sea-level rise; these processes are a source of debate and concern in modern society due to their potential impacts on coastal populations. For archaeologists, climate change and sea-level rise have had a visible impact in the past, when thousands of prehistoric settlements on the continental shelf were inundated by the sea level rising as ice caps melted.


It has only been in the last forty years that we have begun to understand the ways in which climate change and sea-level rise have influenced the archaeological record of prehistoric societies. Archaeological sites on the world’s continental shelves have previously been inaccessible to researchers, but advances in remote sensing and diving technologies have enabled exploration of these former terrestrial landscapes submerged by sea-level rise related to the last glacial maximum.


This edited volume presents multi-disciplinary case studies of prehistoric archaeological sites located on now-submerged portions of the continental shelf around the world. Each chapter represents an extension of the known prehistoric record beyond the modern shoreline. Case studies represent central themes of landscape change, climate change and societal development, using new technologies for mapping, monitoring, and managing these sites.


Climate Change Culture Research Management Global Warming Ice Age Underwater Archaeology

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  • Nicholas C. Flemming
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