Environmental Toxicology

Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology

  • Edward A. Laws

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  3. April Hiscox, Mark Macauda
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  4. Paul K. Bienfang, Henry Trapido-Rosenthal, Edward A. Laws
    Pages 35-69
  5. Young Soo Keum, Jeong-Han Kim, Qing X. Li
    Pages 71-92
  6. Ralph J. Portier
    Pages 93-119
  7. Scott D. Soelberg, Clement E. Furlong
    Pages 121-142
  8. Robert Davis Jewett, Michael W. Wascom
    Pages 143-162
  9. Kristine L. Willett, Christy M. Foran
    Pages 163-180
  10. Vincent L. Wilson
    Pages 203-238
  11. Maria J. Carroquino, M. Posada, P. J. Landrigan
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  12. Dean P. Jones
    Pages 293-318
  13. Timothy I. McLean, Geoffrey A. Sinclair
    Pages 319-360
  14. David M. Oliver, Louise A. Heathwaite
    Pages 403-439
  15. Alexandria B. Boehm, Jeffrey A. Soller
    Pages 441-459
  16. Damaris A. F. Meujo, Mark T. Hamann
    Pages 461-501
  17. Lori H. Schwacke, Frances M. Gulland, Susan White
    Pages 503-528
  18. Gunther Seckmeyer, Armin Zittermann, Richard McKenzie, Ruediger Greinert
    Pages 529-564
  19. Edward A. Laws
    Pages 565-594
  20. Philipp Weihs, Alois W. Schmalwieser, Günther Schauberger
    Pages 609-688
  21. Christopher J. Kennedy, Keith B. Tierney
    Pages 689-721
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About this book


Environmental Toxicology provides a detailed, comprehensive introduction to this key area of sustainability and public health research.  The broad coverage includes sections on ecological risk assessment, monitoring, mechanisms, fate and transport, prevention, and correctives, as well as treatment of the health effects of solar radiation and toxicology in the ocean.  The 23 state-of-the-art chapters provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on this vital area, which encompasses environmental science, biology, chemistry, and public health.

Features authoritative, peer-reviewed entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology

Covers a wide range of environmental toxicology research, from recreational water risk to biomarkers and metabolomics

Written for an audience of undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers


Bioaccumulation Biomarkers Bioremediation CERCLA Carcinogenesis Children Environmental Toxicology Ecological Risk Assessment Ecotoxicology Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Environmental Toxicology Low Doses Ecological and Health Risks Oxidative Stress Pathogens in Water Seafood Safety Toxic Chemical Risks Xenobiotic Protection/Resistance Mechanisms

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