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Marine Robot Autonomy

  • Mae L. Seto

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. M. L. Seto, L. Paull, S. Saeedi
    Pages 1-46
  3. Michael R. Benjamin, Henrik Schmidt, Paul M. Newman, John J. Leonard
    Pages 47-90
  4. Kanna Rajan, Frédéric Py, Javier Barreiro
    Pages 91-175
  5. Liam Paull, Sajad Saeedi, Howard Li
    Pages 177-223
  6. David Lane, Keith Brown, Yvan Petillot, Emilio Miguelanez, Pedro Patron
    Pages 225-255
  7. Signe Redfield
    Pages 257-286
  8. Marc Carreras, Andrés El-fakdi, Pere Ridao
    Pages 287-328
  9. Maurice F. Fallon, Hordur Johannsson, Michael Kaess, John Folkesson, Hunter McClelland, Brendan J. Englot et al.
    Pages 329-372
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 373-382

About this book


Autonomy for Marine Robots provides a timely and insightful overview of intelligent autonomy in marine robots. A brief history of this emerging field is provided, along with a discussion of the challenges unique to the underwater environment and their impact on the level of intelligent autonomy required.  Topics covered at length examine advanced frameworks, path-planning, fault tolerance, machine learning, and cooperation as relevant to marine robots that need intelligent autonomy. 

This book also:

Discusses and offers solutions for the unique challenges presented by more complex missions and the dynamic underwater environment when operating autonomous marine robots

Includes case studies that demonstrate intelligent autonomy in marine robots to perform underwater simultaneous localization and mapping

 Autonomy for Marine Robots is an ideal book for researchers and engineers interested in the field of marine robots.





Autonomous underwater vehicles Equations of motion Marine robots Robot dynamics Underwater environments

Editors and affiliations

  • Mae L. Seto
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  1. 1., Department of Mechanical EngineeringDalhousie UniversityHalifaxCanada

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