Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIII

  • Martin Wolf
  • Hans Ulrich Bucher
  • Markus Rudin
  • Sabine Van Huffel
  • Ursula Wolf
  • Duane F. Bruley
  • David K Harrison
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 737)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Brain Oxygenation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 11-11
    2. Duane F. Bruley
      Pages 1-9
  3. Brain Oxygenation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 11-11
    2. Joseph C. LaManna
      Pages 13-17
    3. Y. Kakihana, N. Okayama, A. Matsunaga, T. Yasuda, T. Imabayashi, M. Nakahara et al.
      Pages 19-24
    4. J. Weinzirl, M. Wolf, M. Nelle, P. Heusser, U. Wolf
      Pages 33-36
    5. Alexander Caicedo, Gunnar Naulaers, Martin Wolf, Petra Lemmers, Frank Van Bel, Lieveke Ameye et al.
      Pages 37-44
    6. Makii Muthalib, Marco Ferrari, Valentina Quaresima, Kazunori Nosaka
      Pages 45-49
    7. Zareen Bashir, Sarah Haynes, Peter Sandbach, Robin Calderwood, Charles McCollum, Maureen Thorniley
      Pages 51-56
    8. Takashi Eriguchi, Nobuo Kutsuna, Yuko Kondo, Jie Shi, Yoshihiro Murata, Hideki Oshima et al.
      Pages 57-61
    9. Hung Wen Lin, David Della-Morte, John W. Thompson, Victoria L. Gresia, Srinivasan V. Narayanan, R. Anthony DeFazio et al.
      Pages 63-69
    10. Maria D. Papademetriou, Ilias Tachtsidis, Murad Banaji, Martin J. Elliott, Aparna Hoskote, Clare E. Elwell
      Pages 71-76
    11. Kaoru Sakatani
      Pages 89-95
    12. Kui Xu, Joseph C. LaManna, Michelle A. Puchowicz
      Pages 97-102
    13. B. B. Zimmermann, N. Roche-Labarbe, A. Surova, D. A. Boas, M. Wolf, P. E. Grant et al.
      Pages 103-109
    14. M. Biallas, I. Trajkovic, F. Scholkmann, C. Hagmann, M. Wolf
      Pages 111-117
    15. Arnab Ghosh, Ilias Tachtsidis, Christina Kolyva, Chris E. Cooper, Martin Smith, Clare E. Elwell
      Pages 119-124
  4. Tumor Oxygenation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 125-125
    2. J. B. van den Bosch, C. Verhoef, F. L. Teng-van de Zande, J. Bakker, W. Erdmann, R. Tenbrinck
      Pages 127-132
    3. Peter Vaupel, Debra K. Kelleher
      Pages 133-138
    4. Steven B. Zhang, Mei Zhang, Yongbing Cao, Shanmin Yang, Amy P. Zhang, Liangjie Yin et al.
      Pages 139-145
    5. Lei Zhang, Mei Zhang, Bingrong Zhang, Yongbing Cao, Shanmin Yang, Liangjie Yin et al.
      Pages 147-153
    6. S. Cicco, P. Ditonno, A. Reale, S. Savino, A. Castrovilli, I. Catacchio et al.
      Pages 155-160
    7. Philipp Trach, Nuse Afahaene, Martin Nowak, Oliver Thews
      Pages 161-167
  5. Anemia and Hypoxia

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 181-181
    2. Joseph M. Rifkind, Maria T. Salgado, Zeling Cao
      Pages 183-189
    3. Catalina Messmer, Pedro Cabrales, Marcos Intaglietta
      Pages 213-218
  6. Oxygenation of Various Organs

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 219-219
    2. David F. Wilson, Sergei A. Vinogradov, Gregory J. Schears, Tatiana V. Esipova, Anna Pastuszko
      Pages 221-227
    3. J. Ashmore, J. Pickett, J. Alder, R. Marks, M. Thorniley
      Pages 229-234
    4. Akira Matsunaga, Katsuhiro Ohse, Yasuyuki Kakihana, Mina Masuda, Kanako Ikoma, Yuichi Kanmura
      Pages 239-243
    5. Akito Shimouchi, Kazutoshi Nose, Mikiyasu Shirai, Takaharu Kondo
      Pages 245-250
    6. Ryo Tanaka, Yoshihiro Uto, Kenta Ohnaka, Yuki Ohta, Kazufumi Yazaki, Naoyuki Umemoto et al.
      Pages 251-256
  7. Muscle Oxygenation

  8. Methodology for O2 Measurement

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 275-275
    2. Kyung A. Kang, Jianting Wang, Martin G. O’Toole, Michael Nantz, Joseph D. Moore, Sebastien Laulhe et al.
      Pages 285-291

About these proceedings


Based on the 38th annual conference of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT), held in Ascona, Switzerland in July 2010, this volume covers all aspects of oxygen transport from air to the cells, organs and organisms; instrumentation and methods to sense oxygen and clinical evidence. It covers near infrared spectroscopy, brain oxygenation, tumor biology, angiogenesis and mitochondrial metabolism, systems modeling, gas transport, hypoxic adaptation and exercise physiology. Emphasis is placed on methods of oxygen measurement in living tissue and application of these technologies to understanding physiological and biological bases for pathology related to tissue oxygenation. This multidisciplinary volume includes contributions from scientists (physicists, biologists and chemists), engineers, clinicians and mathematicians.

Editors and affiliations

  • Martin Wolf
    • 1
  • Hans Ulrich Bucher
    • 2
  • Markus Rudin
    • 3
  • Sabine Van Huffel
    • 4
  • Ursula Wolf
    • 5
  • Duane F. Bruley
    • 6
  • David K Harrison
    • 7
  1. 1., Division of NeonatologyUniversity Hospital ZurichZurichSwitzerland
  2. 2., Division of NeonatologyUniversity Hospital ZurichZurichSwitzerland
  3. 3.Institute for Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Zurich/ETHZZurichSwitzerland
  4. 4.ESAT-SCD(SISTA), Dept. ElektrotechniekKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenLeuven-HeverleeBelgium
  5. 5., Institute of Complementary Medicine KIKOUniversity of BernBernSwitzerland
  6. 6.Synthesizer Inc.Ellicott CityUSA
  7. 7., Institute of Cellular MedicineNewcastle UniversityNewcastle upon TyneUnited Kingdom

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