Handbook of Insurance

  • Georges Dionne

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Louis Eeckhoudt, Harris Schlesinger
    Pages 41-57
  3. Christian Gollier
    Pages 107-122
  4. Louis Eeckhoudt, Christian Gollier
    Pages 123-134
  5. Paul Embrechts, Marius Hofert
    Pages 135-165
  6. Harris Schlesinger
    Pages 167-184
  7. Christophe Courbage, Béatrice Rey, Nicolas Treich
    Pages 185-204
  8. Ralph A. Winter
    Pages 205-230
  9. Georges Dionne, Nathalie Fombaron, Neil Doherty
    Pages 231-280
  10. Keith J. Crocker, Arthur Snow
    Pages 281-313
  11. Jan M. Ambrose, Anne M. Carroll, Laureen Regan
    Pages 315-347
  12. Pierre Picard
    Pages 349-395
  13. Pierre-André Chiappori, Bernard Salanié
    Pages 397-422
  14. Richard J. Butler, Harold H. Gardner, Nathan L. Kleinman
    Pages 449-469
  15. Jean Pinquet
    Pages 471-485
  16. Richard MacMinn, James Garven
    Pages 487-516
  17. Daniel Bauer, Richard D. Phillips, George H. Zanjani
    Pages 627-645
  18. Scott E. Harrington, Greg Niehaus, Tong Yu
    Pages 647-667
  19. James I. Hilliard, Laureen Regan, Sharon Tennyson
    Pages 689-727
  20. J. David Cummins, Mary A. Weiss
    Pages 745-793
  21. Daniel Bauer, George H. Zanjani
    Pages 863-880
  22. Michael A. Morrisey
    Pages 957-995
  23. Guy Coughlan, David Blake, Richard MacMinn, Andrew J. G. Cairns, Kevin Dowd
    Pages 997-1035
  24. Thomas Davidoff
    Pages 1037-1059
  25. Nadine Gatzert, Hato Schmeiser
    Pages 1061-1095
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 1119-1126

About this book


What a pleasure it is to discover the second edition of the Handbook of Insurance, twelve years after the first! Many key concepts at the core of risk, uncertainty and insurance economics have been further refined, reassessed, and reanalyzed. New issues have emerged, including systemic risk, longevity risk, long-term care, the corporate governance of insurance companies, capital allocation within insurance companies and alternative risk transfer devices. I have a simple wish: that this handbook be diffused to as wide an audience as possible, both in academic and professional spheres.

Denis Kessler
Chairman and CEO of SCOR

This new edition of the Handbook of Insurance reviews the last forty years of research developments in insurance and its related fields. A single reference source for professors, researchers, graduate students, regulators, consultants, and practitioners, the book starts with the history and foundations of risk and insurance theory, followed by a review of prevention and precaution, asymmetric information, risk management, insurance pricing, new financial innovations, reinsurance, corporate governance, capital allocation, securitization, systemic risk, insurance regulation, the industrial organization of insurance markets, and other insurance market applications. It ends with health insurance, longevity risk, long-term care insurance, life insurance financial products, and social insurance.

This second version of the Handbook contains 15 new chapters. Each of the 37 chapters has been written by leading authorities in risk and insurance research, all contributions have been peer reviewed, and each chapter can be read independently of the others.


Allocation Corporate insurance Fraud Insurance Liability Markets Model Moral Hazard Reinsurance Risk Risk classification Systemic risk

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