Structure, Function, and Regulation of Molecules Involved in Leukocyte Adhesion

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on: “Structure and Function of Molecules Involved in Leukocyte Adhesion II”

  • Peter E. Lipsky
  • Robert Rothlein
  • Takashi Kei Kishimoto
  • Ronald B. Faanes
  • C. Wayne Smith

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Structure and Function of the Integrins

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Nancy Hogg, Carlos Cabañas, Ian Dransfield
      Pages 3-13
    3. Carl G. Figdor, Yvette van Kooyk
      Pages 14-24
    4. Martyn K. Robinson, David Andrew, Hugh Rosen, Derek Brown, Susan Ortlepp, P. Stephens et al.
      Pages 25-33
    5. Nava Dana, Dehmani M. Fathallah, M. Amin Arnaout
      Pages 34-44
    6. B. J. Hughes, J. C. Hollers, C. Wayne Smith
      Pages 45-57
    7. Bosco M. C. Chan, Mariano J. Elices, Martin E. Hemler
      Pages 58-66
    8. Francisco Sánchez-Madrid, Rafael Pulido, Antonio A. Postigo, Miguel R. Campanero, Alicia G. Arroyo, Rosario García-Vicuña et al.
      Pages 67-77
    9. Eric J. Brown, Hattie D. Gresham
      Pages 78-91
    10. Anthony R. Berendt, Alison McDowall, Alister G. Craig, Paul A. Bates, Christopher I. Newbold, Nancy Hogg
      Pages 92-103
  3. Structure and Function of the Selectins

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. Takashi Kei Kishimoto
      Pages 107-134
    3. Rodger P. McEver
      Pages 135-150
    4. Louis J. Picker, Ulrich H. von Andrian, Alan R. Burns, Claire M. Doerschuk, Karl-E. Arfors, Eugene C. Butcher
      Pages 151-167
    5. Geoffrey S. Kansas, Olivier Spertini, Francis W. Luscinskas, Michael Gimbrone, Thomas F. Tedder
      Pages 168-181
    6. Bruce Walcheck, Mark A. Jutila
      Pages 182-190
    7. L. M. Stoolman, J. Grober, B. Bowen, P. Reddy, J. Shih, C. Thompson et al.
      Pages 200-213
  4. Cell Biology of Adhesion Molecules

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 215-215
    2. Fabienne Mazerolles, F. Amblard, O. Lecomte, S. Meloche, C. Barbat, P. Hauss et al.
      Pages 228-231
    3. Nancy Oppenheimer-Marks, Peter Pietschmann, Laurie S. Davis, John J. Cush, Arthur F. Kavanaugh, Peter E. Lipsky
      Pages 232-241
    4. Stephen J. Rosenman, Patricia A. Hoffman, W. Michael Gallatin
      Pages 242-250
    5. Laurie S. Davis, Peter E. Lipsky
      Pages 256-269
  5. In Vivo Models

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 271-271
    2. Peter E. Lipsky, Hugo E. Jasin, Ellis Lightfoot, William J. Mileski
      Pages 273-278
    3. Robert K. Winn, Sam R. Sharar, William J. Mileski, Charles L. Rice, John M. Harlan
      Pages 279-290
    4. Robert H. Gundel, Craig D. Wegner, L. Gordon Letts
      Pages 291-305
    5. Lawrence W. Argenbright, Randall W. Barton
      Pages 306-313
    6. Marcus E. Kehrli Jr., Dale E. Shuster, Mark Ackermann, C. Wayne Smith, Donald C. Anderson, Monique Doré et al.
      Pages 314-327
    7. Thomas F. Lindsay, James Hill, C. R. Valeri, D. Shepro, Herbert B. Hechtman
      Pages 328-334
  6. Clinical

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 335-335
    2. Donald C. Anderson, Omid Abbassi, James D. Fortenberry, Joyce Koenig, C. Wayne Smith
      Pages 337-355
    3. James Neuberger, David Adams, Stefan Hubscher
      Pages 356-366
    4. Elizabeth A. Mainolfi, Steven D. Marlin, Robert Rothlein
      Pages 367-372
    5. A. Benedict Cosimi, Robert Rothlein, Hugh Auchincloss Jr., Francis L. Delmonico, Nina Tolkoff-Rubin, Linda Scharschmidt et al.
      Pages 373-379
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 389-396

About these proceedings


Leukocyte adhesion molecules have been the subject of intense basic and preclinical research. Results from clinical trials obtained sofar with antibodies directed towards these surface proteins offer promise for the prevention of graft rejection and effective treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory disease. This volume presents a comprehensive review of contemporary research on the structure, function and regulation of leukocyte adhesion molecules and their ligands, from the molecular to the clinical level. The blend of basic science and clinical applications presented in Structure, Function and Regulation of Molecules Involved in Leukocyte Adhesion provides clear evidence of the biological importance of cell-cell interactions and the many potential clinical dividends afforded by understanding the molecular basis of cell adhesion. It will appeal to a broad range of readers in immunology and cell biology.


Antigen Migration Regulation biology cell biology proteins signal transduction

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  • Takashi Kei Kishimoto
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  • Ronald B. Faanes
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  • C. Wayne Smith
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