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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. William W. Stead, Asim K. Dutt
    Pages 1-15
  3. Arthur M. Dannenberg Jr.
    Pages 17-39
  4. Glenn D. Roberts, Gregory P. Thompson
    Pages 51-61
  5. George M. Lordi, Lee B. Reichman
    Pages 63-68
  6. Susan M. Harding, William C. Bailey
    Pages 69-88
  7. George W. Comstock, Lawrence J. Geiter
    Pages 89-94
  8. Milton D. Rossman, Robert L. Mayock
    Pages 95-106
  9. Jay J. Rohwedder
    Pages 107-113
  10. George A. Pankey
    Pages 115-117
  11. Daniel M. Albert, Ellen J. Dehm
    Pages 119-128
  12. John E. Kasik
    Pages 129-142
  13. Dwight A. Powell
    Pages 143-153
  14. Margaret H. D. Smith, Allan J. Weinstein
    Pages 155-163
  15. Paul T. Davidson, Enrique Fernandez
    Pages 165-178
  16. John A. Crocco
    Pages 179-187
  17. Frederick F. Paustian, Flavio D. Manela
    Pages 189-192
  18. Harold L. Israel
    Pages 193-197
  19. Hyman J. Zimmerman, James H. Lewis
    Pages 199-224
  20. Michael K. Hill, Charles V. Sanders
    Pages 225-232
  21. H. William Harris, Stephen Menitove
    Pages 233-245
  22. A. Robert Arnstein
    Pages 247-256
  23. Randall A. Oyer, David Schlossberg
    Pages 257-263
  24. Peter M. Small, Mark A. Jacobson
    Pages 265-275
  25. Philippa Mudido, William T. Speck
    Pages 277-279
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 303-323

About this book


The gratifYing response to the first edition of Tuberculosis has prompted this revision. There are many important changes incorporated into this edition, including the dramatic effect of AIDS on the incidence and clinical mani­ festations of mycobacterial infection, new developments in epidemiology and bacteriology, and thoroughly updated therapeutic recommendations and principles of prophylaxis. The chapters that deal with clinical manifestations of tuberculosis have also been updated and include important and clinically applicable information on manifestations of tuberculosis in both the normal and immunocomprom­ ised host. As with the first edition, it is hoped that this text will continue to represent a definitive resource for both the basic scientist and the clinician who deal with the prevention and treatment of mycobacterial infection. II Preface to the First Edition We have just witnessed the lOOth anniversary of Koch's discovery of the tubercle bacillus. This event did not end the centuries-long saga of tuber­ culosis, however; it was but one major step in the ongoing struggle to un­ derstand and combat this disease. Tuberculosis is very much with us today, and its clinical manifestations and principles of treatment must be understood by both the primary care physician and the specialist. This monograph covers all aspects of tuberculosis in a single volume. It is divided into three parts, covering, respectively, general considerations, clin­ ical manifestations, and atypical mycobacterial infection.


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