Theory and Applications of Moment Methods in Many-Fermion Systems

  • B. J. Dalton
  • S. M. Grimes
  • J. P. Vary
  • S. A. Williams

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. S. E. Woosley
    Pages 61-79
  3. J. B. French
    Pages 91-108
  4. Joseph N. Ginocchio
    Pages 109-127
  5. S. D. Bloom, R. F. Hausman Jr.
    Pages 151-166
  6. R. R. Whitehead
    Pages 235-255
  7. C. Quesne
    Pages 257-272
  8. J. P. Draayer
    Pages 287-306
  9. M. Beckerman
    Pages 307-325
  10. B. Defacio, C. L. Hammer, J. Ely Shrauner
    Pages 327-361
  11. J. C. Hardy
    Pages 389-404
  12. C. Jacquemin
    Pages 437-450
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 501-511

About this book


The first international conference on "Theory and Applications of Moment Methods in Many-Fermion Systems" was held September 10 - 13, 1979 at Iowa State University. Manuscripts of the invited talks presented at this conference are the contents of this volume. These manuscripts were prepared and delivered to the editors by the authors; the responsibility for any errors in scientific con­ tent is theirs. While we, the editors, have made every effort to keep this volume as free from typographical errors as possible, we accept responsibility for such errors as do occur, even those which may be mistaken for scientific error. All but one of the invited talks given at the conference are reported here; those authors apparently felt unable to provide the editors with manuscripts. The editors. who also served as the organizing committee, would like to express appreciation to the sponsors of this con­ ference: Physics Department, Ames Laboratory, Energy and Mineral Resources Research Institute, and the Graduate College, all of Iowa State University, the National Science Foundation, and the U. S. Department of Energy. Their generosity both in terms of funding and support made the conference possible. We should also like to express our gratitude to the Interna­ tional Advisory Committee whose prestige lent support to the con­ ference and whose advice in topic selection was invaluable. Those members were: Grenoble, France R. Arvieu C. Bender Lawrence Livermore Laboratory J. B. French University of Rochester Fowler California Institute of Technology W.


energy mineral nuclear physics physics scattering

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