Metallography in Failure Analysis

  • James L. McCall
  • P. M. French

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Detailed analyses of failures of material components have proved to be valuable in many ways; by preventing further failures, by assessing the validity of designs and the selection of materials, by uncovering shortcomings in the processing of the materials in­ volved through characterizations of defects, and by revealing problems introduced during the manufacture or fabrication of the component. Increased recognition of the value of performing failure analyses has caused the field to develop into a very active area of tech­ nical endeavor. Failure analysis has been employed in numerous different technical dis­ ciplines and has proven beneficial. The increased activity has caused many new and im­ proved methods for performing these analyses to be developed. Among these are many methods which can be characterized as generally belonging to the field of metallography. In recognition of the important role that metallography plays in the performance of failure analyses, the absence of a text that specifically discusses this subject, and the be­ lief that communication of information on the subject would be of technical interest, The American Society for Metals and The International Metallographic Society co­ sponsored a symposium. The intent was to bring together world-recognized authorities working in various aspects of the failure analysis and metallographic fields to share meth­ ods they use, results they have obtained, and the purposes to which they utilized these results. The symposium, entitled "Metallography in Failure Analysis", was held in Hous­ ton, Texas, USA, July 17-18, 1977.


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