Organic Syntheses by Oxidation with Metal Compounds

  • W. J. Mijs
  • C. R. H. I. de Jonge

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    Pages i-xxvii
  2. Fillmore Freeman
    Pages 1-39
  3. Fillmore Freeman
    Pages 41-118
  4. W. J. de Klein
    Pages 261-314
  5. Fillmore Freeman
    Pages 315-371
  6. John L. Courtney
    Pages 445-467
  7. Suzanne F. Davison, Peter M. Maitlis
    Pages 469-502
  8. Marcel Fetizon, Michel Golfier, Philippe Mourgues, Jean-Marie Louis
    Pages 503-567
  9. Alexander Mckillop, Edward C. Taylor
    Pages 695-740
  10. Mihailo Lj. Mihailović, Živorad Čeković, Ljubinka Lorenc
    Pages 741-816
  11. Jonathan Peter Kitchin
    Pages 817-837
  12. Yoshiro Ogata, Yasuhiko Sawaki
    Pages 839-876
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 877-908

About this book


This book is concerned with the synthetic aspects of oxidation reactions involving metal compounds. which are readily available or easy to prepare. The sequence followed in the chapters is as follows: a general introduction. a limited treatment of reaction mechanisms to serve as a basis for synthesis. and scope and limitations of the oxidant system. mostly in terms of substrate and product classes. Finally, at the end of each chapter. representative synthetic procedures are given together with relevant experimental considerations. A general table is included as an appendix. This contains substrate classes and resulting product classes, referring to the oxidative procedures in the chapters. The table provides the synthetic organic chemist with a quick overview of oxidation possibilities with metal-contain­ ing oxidants, enabling him to select the right method for his purpose. The editors hope that not only organic research chemists in industry and at universities, but also advanced undergraduate and graduate students in organic chemistry, will find this book a useful guide in the design, understanding, and practical performance of oxidative organic syntheses. The editors are grateful to the authors not only for their contributions. containing interesting new developments in oxidation chemistry, but also for the way they fitted the text into the general framework given for the book. Their suggestions and comments are gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are also due to Mrs. A. I. Rohnstrom-Ouwejan, secretary to the editors, for her administrative support.


Aromaticity Rearrangement biochemistry carbon heterocyclic compound organic chemistry organic synthesis oxygen polymer synthesis

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