Diagnostics for Experimental Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors

  • Peter E. Stott
  • Giuseppe Gorini
  • Elio Sindoni

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. The Iter Project

    1. R. R. Parker, ITER Joint Central Team and Home Teams
      Pages 1-11
    2. K. M. Young, A. E. Costley, T. Matoba, D. Orlinski, P. E. Stott
      Pages 13-22
    3. A E Costley, R Bartiromo, L deKock, E Marmar, T Matoba, V Mukhovatov et al.
      Pages 23-37
    4. C. I. Walker, L. de Kock
      Pages 39-49
    5. V. S. Voitsenya, A. F. Bardamid, V. L. Berezhnyj, Yu N. Borisenko, V. I. Gritsyna, V. T. Gritsyna et al.
      Pages 61-70
  3. Magnetic Diagnostic

    1. L. de Kock, S. Ali-Arshad, V. Belyakov, S. Bender, A. Costley, O. Gruber et al.
      Pages 71-81
    2. Junji Fujita, Kazuo Kawahata, Kiyokata Matsuura, Masataka Sakata, Setsuya Fujiwaka, Tohru Matoba
      Pages 103-106
  4. Reflectometry and ECE

    1. Clément Laviron
      Pages 107-116
    2. E. J. Doyle, K. W. Kim, J. H. Lee, W. A. Peebles, C. L. Rettig, T. L. Rhodes et al.
      Pages 117-132
    3. M. Manso, D. Bartlett, L. Cupido, W. Kasparek, J. Sanchez, P. Stott et al.
      Pages 133-142
    4. V. A. Vershkov
      Pages 143-152
    5. A. Mase, H. Hojo, M. Kobayashi, N. Oyama, L. G. Bruskin, E. J. Doyle et al.
      Pages 153-162
    6. W. A. Peebles, E. J. Doyle, K. W. Kim, J. H. Lee, G. R. Hanson, T. L. Rhodes et al.
      Pages 163-166
    7. S. H. Heijnen, C. A. J. Hugenholtz, H. J. van de Meiden, A. J. H. Donné
      Pages 167-170
    8. N. C. Luhmann Jr., C. W. Domier, R. P. Hsia, W. R. Geck, B. Deng
      Pages 171-174

About this book


This book of proceedings collects the papers presented at the Workshop on Diagnostics for ITER, held at Villa Monastero, Varenna (Italy), from August 28 to September 1, 1995. The Workshop was organised by the International School of Plasma Physics "Piero Caldirola. " Established in 1971, the ISPP has organised over fifty advanced courses and workshops on topics mainly related to plasma physics. In particular, courses and workshops on plasma diagnostics (previously held in 1975, 1978, 1982, 1986, and 1991) can be considered milestones in the history of this institution. Looking back at the proceedings of the previous meetings in Varenna, one can appreciate the rapid progress in the field of plasma diagnostics over the past 20 years. The 1995 workshop was co-organised by the Istituto di Fisica del Plasma of the National Research Council (CNR). In contrast to previous Varenna meetings on diagnostics, which have covered diagnostics in present-day tokamaks and which have had a substantial tutorial component, the 1995 workshop concentrated specifically on the problems and challenges of ITER diagnostics. ITER (the International Thennonuclear Experimental Reactor, a joint venture of Europe, Japan, Russia, and the United States, presently under design) will need to measure a wide range of plasma parameters in order to reach and sustain high levels of fusion power. A list of the measurement requirements together with the parameter ranges, target measurement resolutions, and accuracies provides the starting point for selecting a list of candidate diagnostic systems.


Profil fusion laser neutron nuclear fusion radiation scattering spectroscopy tokamak

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  • Peter E. Stott
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  • Giuseppe Gorini
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  • Elio Sindoni
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  1. 1.JET Joint UndertakingAbingdon, OxfordshireEngland
  2. 2.University of MilanMilanItaly

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