Present Status and Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

  • Editors
  • G. N. Schrauzer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. W. Hartfiel, N. Bahners
    Pages 1-12
  3. O. Oster, G. Schmiedel, W. Prellwitz
    Pages 23-45
  4. Josef Kiem
    Pages 83-88
  5. Alberto Mas, Jiuyu Jiang, Bibudhendra Sarkar
    Pages 97-110
  6. H. Zumkley
    Pages 139-146
  7. H. B. Von Stockhausen
    Pages 147-155
  8. H. Koehler, H.-J. Peters, H. Pankau, H.-J. Duck
    Pages 157-166
  9. Brad M. Dworkin, William S. Rosenthal, Gary P. Wormser, Lisa Weiss, Miguel Nunez, Carol Joline et al.
    Pages 167-177
  10. Jørgen Clausen, Gunde Egeskov Jensen, Søren Achim Nielsen
    Pages 179-203
  11. S. Y. Yu, P. Ao, L. M. Wang, S. L. Huang, H. C. Chen, X. P. Lu et al.
    Pages 243-255

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