Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Adhesion

Proceedings of the Second Gulf Shores Symposium, held at Gulf Shores State Park Resort, May 6–8 1988, sponsored by the Department of Biochemistry, Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama

  • Lech Switalski
  • Magnus Höök
  • Edwin Beachey

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  2. Edwin H. Beachey
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  3. H. Holthofer, R. Virkola, B. Westerlund, T. Vartio, P. Kuusela, T. K. Korhonen
    Pages 5-22
  4. Carolyn E. Shaw, Kenneth M. Peterson, Daxi Sun, John J. Mekalanos, Ronald K. Taylor
    Pages 23-35
  5. Scott J. Hultgren, Frederik Lindberg, Göran Magnusson, Jan M. Tennent, Staffan Normark
    Pages 36-43
  6. Victor V. Tryon, Bradley C. Stiles, John F. Alderete, Joel B. Baseman
    Pages 97-106
  7. Magnus Höök, Giuseppe Raucci, Rampyari Raja, Christer Signäs, Klas Jönsson, Per-Eric Lindgren et al.
    Pages 107-117
  8. C. R. W. Carneiro, G. F. A. Mota, J. Sabaga, M. Marquezini, P. Potocnjak, R. R. Brentani
    Pages 118-127
  9. John O. Cisar, Michael J. Brennan, Ann L. Sandberg
    Pages 164-170
  10. Jack London, Ervin I. Weiss, Paul E. Kolenbrander
    Pages 171-176
  11. Anthony G. Gristina, Paul T. Naylor, Quentin Myrvik
    Pages 177-211
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 223-226

About these proceedings


It has been 80 years since the subject of bacterial adhesion to surfaces was first brought forth, but only in the last two decades has the importance of this subject been recognized by medical microbiologists. The fact that bacterial attachment to the host tissue is a prerequisite for infection understandably led to the hope that infections could be prevented by blocking the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria. Progress in this field has been so rapid that it has become difficult to keep up with recent developments. This book contains the proceedings of the symposium on the Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Adhesion, May 6-8, 1988. Both the symposium and this book were intended as an up-to-date review of the most recent findings concerning the adhesion of medically important bacteria. In addition, this book contains critical and provocative overviews of the past, present and future of this field.


Monoclonal Antibodies biochemistry escherichia coli microbe molecular mechanisms protein

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