Angiosperm Pollen and Ovules

  • E. Ottaviano
  • M. Sari Gorla
  • D. L. Mulcahy
  • G. Bergamini Mulcahy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Molecular Biology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Joseph P. Mascarenhas
      Pages 3-6
    3. Bruce Knox, Penelope Smith, Cenk Suphioglu, Philip Taylor, Asil Avjioglu, Piyada Theerakulpisut et al.
      Pages 7-11
    4. L. Colombo, M. E. Pe, G. Binelli, E. Ottaviano
      Pages 12-15
    5. Maria Helena S. Goldman, Jef Seurinck, John Van Emmelo, Celestina Mariani
      Pages 16-21
    6. Ingrid M. van der Meer, Maike E. Stam, Arjen J. van Tunen, Joseph N. M. Mol, Antoine R. Stuitje
      Pages 22-27
    7. D. L. Mulcahy, S. B. Carroll, N. F. Weeden, R. Kesseli
      Pages 28-31
    8. Ettore Pacini, Philip E. Taylor, Mohan B. Singh, R. Bruce Knox
      Pages 36-42
  3. Self-incompatibility

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 53-53
    2. James Doughty, Andrew McCubbin, Fiona Hedderson, Carole Elleman, Hugh Dickinson
      Pages 55-65
    3. Shaio-Lim Mau, Antony Bacic, Jane Murfett, Bruce McClure, Marilyn Anderson, Adrienne Clarke
      Pages 75-83
    4. Veronica E. Franklin-Tong, Glenn J. Thorlby, Michael J. Lawrence, F. Christopher, H. Franklin
      Pages 84-93
    5. A. A. Friry, C. M. Guilluy, P. Heizmann, T. Gaude, C. Dumas
      Pages 94-100
    6. Andrew McCubbin, Rosemary Carpenter, Enrico Coen, Hugh Dickinson
      Pages 104-109
    7. A. G. Stephenson, J. A. Winsor, T. E. Richardson, A. Singh, T.-H. Kao
      Pages 117-121
  4. Morphology and Structure

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 123-123
    2. Diego Albani, Illimar Altosaar, Paul G. Arnison, Steven E. Fabijanski
      Pages 125-132
    3. Rosine De Paepe, Varonique Vitart, Philippe Chetrit, Arlette Forchioni, Rena Remy, Fernand Vedel
      Pages 133-138
    4. Koen Weterings, Wim Reijnen, Jan Schrauwen, Marinus van Herpen, Peter de Groot, Margryt Oldenhof et al.
      Pages 139-143
    5. T. B. Batygina, I. I. Shamrov, G. E. Titova, V. E. Vasilyeva
      Pages 144-148
    6. William A. Jensen, Cherie L. R. Wetzel
      Pages 160-161
    7. Michiel T. M. Willemse, Martinie A. W. Franssen-Verheijen
      Pages 168-173
  5. Physiology and Biochemistry

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 175-175
    2. Folkert A. Hoekstra, John H. Crowe, Lois M. Crowe, Danielle G. J. L. van Bilsen
      Pages 177-186
    3. S. Gubatz, S. Arendt, M. Rittscher, R. Wiermann
      Pages 187-190
    4. Gabriella Bergamini-Mulcahy, D. L. Mulcahy, A. Kalinowski, W. A. Smith
      Pages 196-200
    5. Hisako Miki-Hirosige, Sumio Nakamura, Masao Watanabe, Kokichi Hinata
      Pages 213-217
    6. Giampiero Cai, Alessandro Bartalesi, Alessandra Moscatelli, Cecilia Del Casino, Antonio Tiezzi, Mauro Cresti
      Pages 218-223
    7. Antonio Tiezzi, Joseph Bednara, Cecilia Del Casino, Alessandro Bartalesi, Giampiero Cai, Alessandra Moscatelli
      Pages 224-232
    8. Luraynne C. Sanders, Elizabeth M. Lord
      Pages 238-244
    9. V. Nuti Ronchi, L. Giorgetti, M. Tonelli, P. Belloni, G. Martini
      Pages 245-247
    10. H. Lloyd Mogensen, Tong Zhu, Steven E. Smith
      Pages 248-252
  6. Biotechnology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259 -259
    2. Dieter Hess, Markus Iser Angela Schmid, Sabine Stegmaier, Klaus Dressler
      Pages 261-273
    3. Luigi Frusciante, Amalia Barone, Donatella Consoli, Clara Conicella, Luigi M. Monti
      Pages 274-278
    4. Oscar Vicente, Dolores Garrido, Viktor Zarsky, Norbert Eller, Ludmila Rihova, Maria Berenyi et al.
      Pages 279-284

About these proceedings


The subject of this volume is the reproductive biology of plants. A steadily growing interest in this field is the result of at least two factors, as pointed out with great foresight by one of the driving forces in the field, H.E Linskens (Linskens 1964): most of the food consumed by humans takes the form of plant reproductive parts, and molecular biology now provides pow­ erful tools for investigating and manipulating plant reproductive systems. Molecular biology and the allied discipline of biotechnology are solidly represented in the papers in this book. The editors of Angiosperm Pollen and Ovules believe that the chapters herein contain some of the most excit­ ing findings of contemporary biology, and hope that the readers of this book will share their enthusiasm. The editors express sincere and grateful thanks for help from Carla Frova, Enrico Pe, and especially to Giorgio Binelli, all of the University of Milan. Without these three tireless and enthusiastic individuals it would not have been possible to maintain the apparently effortless proceeding of this congress. We thank also the organizing committee and the organizations that generously provided financial support (both listed below). Finally, we extend thanks to M. Cresti, D. Charlesworth, D. Hess, E Hoekstra, R. Bruce Knox, J.P. Mascarenhas, M.E. Nasrallah, P.L. Pfahler, A. Snow, and M.T.M. Willemse for chairing sessions.


Embryo Polle Solanaceae biology biotechnology cyclin development evolution molecular aspects molecular biology morphology physiology plants reproductive system tissue

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  • M. Sari Gorla
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  • D. L. Mulcahy
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  • G. Bergamini Mulcahy
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  2. 2.Department of BiologyUniversity of MassachusettsAmherstUSA

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