Computing Science and Statistics

Statistics of Many Parameters: Curves, Images, Spatial Models

  • Connie Page
  • Raoul LePage

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Keynote Address

  3. Plenary Addresses

    1. John Skilling, Sibusiso Sibisi
      Pages 17-26
    2. C. F. J. Wu
      Pages 27-28
  4. Invited Papers

    1. Bayesian Computation

      1. Alan E. Gelfand, Bradley P. Carlin
        Pages 29-37
      2. Robert E. Kass, Luke Tierney, Joseph B. Kadane
        Pages 38-42
    2. Software Quality and Reliability

    3. Constrained Least Squares

    4. Small Sample Performance of Computer Intensive Statistical Methods

    5. Curve and Density Estimation

    6. Graphical Techniques for Analyzing Data

      1. Anne E. Freeny, James M. Landwehr
        Pages 117-126
    7. Breaking out of 2-D Cartesian Coordinates

      1. Edward J. Wegman
        Pages 127-136
    8. Nonparametric Regression

    9. Spatial Statistics and Image Reconstruction

      1. Valen E. Johnson, Chin Tu Chen, Xiaoping Hu, Wing H. Wong
        Pages 151-157
      2. Julian Besag
        Pages 158-162
    10. Neural Network Computations

    11. Bayesian Applications

    12. Modern APL

      1. Norman Thomson
        Pages 186-189
    13. Neural Networks and Related Techniques

    14. Nonlinear and Spatical Time Series

    15. Nonparametric Data Analysis

    16. Software Metrics

    17. Algorithmic Statistical Process Control

  5. Contributed Papers

    1. Marilyn A. Agin, Anant P. Godbole
      Pages 281-285
    2. Demissie Alemayehu
      Pages 291-295
    3. Russell Almond
      Pages 296-300
    4. I. V. Basawa, P. J. Brockwell, V. Mandrekar
      Pages 301-302
    5. P. J. Brockwell, R. A. Davis, H. Salehi
      Pages 303-306
    6. Michael Conlon
      Pages 315-317
    7. Richard E. Courtney, David A. Gustafson
      Pages 318-322
    8. Lih-Yuan Deng, Yu-Chao Chu, Vickey Chiu-Chin Lin
      Pages 323-327
    9. Steven P. Ellis, Maria J. Girard
      Pages 328-331

About these proceedings


Interface '90 is the continuation of an ext!remely successful symposium series. The series has provided a forum for the interaction of professionals in statistics, computing science, and in numerical methods, wherein they may discuss a wide range of topics at the interface of these disciplines. This, the 22nd Symposium on the Interface: Computing Science and Statistics, was held 16-19 May, 1990 at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University and is the third Symposium to be held under the recently organized Interface Foundation of North America. The Interface Board of Directors consists of the nine most recent Symposium Chairs: James E. Gentle, Lynne Billard, David M. Allen, Thomas J. Boardman, Richard M. Heiberger, Edward J. Wegman, Linda Malone, Raoul LePage, and Jon Kettenring. The officers of the Interface are William Eddy, Board Chairman and Executive Director; Edward Wegman, President and Treasurer; Lynne Billard, Secretary. My valued colleague Connie Page, Editor of this Proceedings Volume and generally bright and hardworking person, has organizational skills of a higher order which were successfully brought into play during many critical junctures not strictly connected with the Proceedings. Edward Wegman, Barbara Barringer, Bill Eddy, and George Styan all pitched in with useful information on numerous occasions. Our Keynote Speaker, Peter G. Hall and Plenary Speakers David L. Donoho, Jerome H. Friedman (who also gave a short course), Bruce Hajek, John Skilling, and C. F.


Bootstrapping Estimator Fitting Likelihood Mathematica Poisson distribution Projection Pursuit Resampling Time series Variance best fit correlation data analysis expectation–maximization algorithm statistical software

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  • Connie Page
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  • Raoul LePage
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  1. 1.Department of Statistics and ProbabilityMichigan State UniversityEast LansingUSA

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