The Delta Model

Reinventing Your Business Strategy

  • Arnoldo C. Hax

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"The Delta Model: Reinventing your Business Strategy is a work of its time. It builds on well established ideas that put the Mission Statement at the heart of strategic reasoning and expands previous thinking, for example, on the indispensable role of segmentation. The Delta approach turns much conventional thinking on its head: it moves customers to center stage and places competitors at the periphery. While it is very analytical, Delta unashamedly explores the role of creativity in business strategy and encourages curiosity and experimentation at every stage. Using the Delta template to help him develop insights, Hax springs many surprises and draws unexpected conclusions, but his positions are always convincingly grounded in a series of powerful case studies drawn from a wide range of industries. The Delta Model has something for everyone who thinks about their business and is concerned about its future. It opens the door to new ways of thinking about management by strategy."

--Sir Iain Anderson, former Director, Unilever

"The Delta Model is a powerful tool for any business that is at any stage of institutional development. Regardless of whether it is a brand new company or business unit, or an established business with a need for revamping or fine tuning their business model, the Delta Model is the one tool I have found to be overwhelmingly appropriate in a very systematic and effective way, to accomplish the task. When the management team of an organization approaches strategy development and implementation through the use of the Delta Model, the inescapable result is a cohesive set of outputs that bind the enterprise together in a well understood set of powerful statements as to what the corporation is, its purpose, and the overriding strategic actions plans that will insure that the mission and vision of the institution is accomplished."

--Hector Ruiz, Chairman of the Board, Global Foundries, Inc., and former Chairman, Advanced Micro Devices

"The Delta Model gives leaders of any organization, huge or small, the opportunity to change from being managers to becoming internal consultants able to develop a viable strategy, encompassing the inside and outside worlds. We have used the Delta Model in nonprofit and for profit organizations and found its focus on the customer and what the organization can bring to fulfill the customers’ needs extremely helpful. The internal group developing the strategy has to implement it, which makes the Delta Model very practical and valuable. I have tested many strategic models and found the Delta Approach the most useful one."

--Hansjoerg Wyss, Chairman and CEO Synthes Inc, The Wyss Foundation,
The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Beyeler Art Museum Foundation


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