Ribonuclease P

  • Fenyong Liu
  • Sidney Altman

Part of the Protein Reviews book series (PRON, volume 10)

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  2. J. Christopher Ellis, James W. Brown
    Pages 17-40
  3. Benoît Masquida, Fabrice Jossinet, Eric Westhof
    Pages 41-62
  4. Alfonso Mondragón
    Pages 63-78
  5. Tao Pan
    Pages 79-91
  6. Kristin S. Koutmou, John Hsieh, Carol A. Fierke
    Pages 93-111
  7. Leif A. Kirsebom
    Pages 113-134
  8. Lien B. Lai, I-Ming Cho, Wen-Yi Chen, Venkat Gopalan
    Pages 153-172
  9. Scott C. Walker, Michael C. Marvin, David R. Engelke
    Pages 173-202
  10. Agustín Vioque
    Pages 203-222
  11. Nayef Jarrous, Robert Reiner, Yana Dehtiar
    Pages 223-234
  12. Dagmar K. Willkomm, Patrick Pfeffer, Klaus Reuter, Gerhard Klebe, Roland K. Hartmann
    Pages 235-256
  13. Fenyong Liu
    Pages 257-275
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 227-283

About this book


Ribonuclease P (RNaseP), a ribonucleoprotein, is an essential tRNA processing enzyme found in all living organisms. Since its discovery almost 40 years ago, research on RNase P has led to the discovery of the catalytic properties of RNA, and of the only known, naturally occurring RNA enzymes, RNase P catalytic RNA. The description of the catalytic properties of RNA has provided fundamental insight into the RNA world and these catalytic properties are being harnessed as therapeutic and prevention strategies for acquired and inherited diseases. Ribonuclease P is the first book to provide a comprehensive collection covering all aspects of current research on RNase P. The topics include kinetic and structural analysis, mechanism of catalysis, and its regulation and biogenesis in prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and organelles. Furthermore, research progresses on developing RNase P as a potential drug target for antimicrobial development and as a gene-targeting tool for anti-infective and anticancer therapy are also included. This book should be of general interests to molecular biologists and biochemists in both the academic section and pharmaceutical industry.


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