Cisco Routers for the Small Business

A Practical Guide for IT Professionals

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  • Jason C. Neumann

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Cisco Routers for the Small Business provides, in plain English, a no–nonsense approach to setting up all the features of the Cisco IOS for a small business using broadband technologies. This book explains how to use a Cisco router to setup cable modems, DSL and PPPoE, and explains how to configure NAT, Access Control Lists, Firewalls, DMZs and an IPSec VPN between two sites using advanced encryption. The chapters are tutorial-based and provide easy-to-follow, step–by–step instructions for all tasks that small businesses need to perform using a router. Easy–to–implement example configurations are included in the appendices.

  • Written for the small business using common, broadband connections such as cable Internet and DSL.
  • Provides easily–followed, step–by–step instructions for tasks that small businesses need to perform, such as configuring virtual private network (VPN) connections, creating firewalls, securing the router, and more.
  • Contains appendixes with example configurations that are short, to the point, and dead–simple to implement.


Cisco Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Firewall Internet networks routing

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