Illustrated C# 2008

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  • Daniel┬áSolis

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    Pages i-xxix
  2. Pages 45-63
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  4. Pages 101-154
  5. Pages 155-192
  6. Pages 229-257
  7. Pages 285-301
  8. Pages 303-311
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  11. Pages 355-377
  12. Pages 379-396
  13. Pages 397-421
  14. Pages 423-452
  15. Pages 453-482
  16. Pages 515-572
  17. Pages 593-604
  18. Pages 631-656
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 657-694

About this book


The unique, visual format of Illustrated C# 2008 has been specially created by author and teacher of development methods, Daniel Solis. The concise text, use of tables to clarify language features, frequent figures and diagrams, as well as focused code samples all combine to create a unique approach that will help you understand and get to work with C# fast.

It was while teaching numerous seminars on various programming languages that the author realized the immense power that diagrams have in explaining programming language concepts. Most people learn quicker and retain information better when the material is presented in a clean, simple, visual format. To achieve this result in his book, Solis uses concise text and bulleted lists, tables to clarify and summarize language features, as well as his renowned and ubiquitous figures and diagrams. Each language feature is illustrated with a concise and focused code sample for complete clarity.

Following an overview of the .NET platform and the role played by C#, you'll soon move into exploring the C# language in its entirety, including all the new C# 2008 features right down to the most complex topics involved in C#. If you're a C++ or VB programmer migrating to C# 2008, this book will be invaluable; the unique visual approach offers a far from lightweight treatment of C# 2008, so even the most experienced programmers will come away with a deeper understanding of the C# language.


.NET .NET Framework C++ programming language Clean LINQ Visual Basic programming language

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