Monitoring and Modelling Lakes and Coastal Environments

  • Pratap K. Mohanty

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    Pages i-xii
  2. S. K. Mohanty, K. S. Bhatta, Rajeeb K. Mohanty, S. Mishra, A. Mohapatra, A. K. Pattnaik
    Pages 1-21
  3. P. K. Mohanty, Y. Pradhan, S. R. Nayak, U. S. Panda, G. N. Mohapatra
    Pages 50-78
  4. N. R. Samal, Klaus D. Jöhnk, Frank Peeters, Erich Bäuerle, Asis Mazumdar
    Pages 91-100
  5. Yerubandi R. Rao, Raj C. Murthy
    Pages 101-114
  6. Girija Jayaraman, Anumeha Dube
    Pages 115-124
  7. A. Dube, G. Jayaraman, A. D. Rao, P. K. Mohanty
    Pages 136-150
  8. P. Suresh Kumar, J. Bhattacharjee, T. Sahoo
    Pages 159-172
  9. Kiran G. Shirlal, Subba Rao, B. Radheshyam, Venkata Ganesh
    Pages 173-180
  10. U. S. Panda, P. K. Mohanty, S. R. Pal, G. N. Mohapatra, P. Mishra, G. Jayaraman
    Pages 198-225
  11. Sarika Jain, P. N. Sridhar, B. Veera Narayan, A. Surendran
    Pages 237-243
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 245-247

About this book


Lakes and coastal wetlands all over the world are ideal places for human habitation, fisheries, industries, shipping and recreation. Habitat environments of lakes and coastal wetlands are deteriorating due to their exploitative use and improper management. As rapid development and population growth continue in coastal areas, environmental degradation and over exploitation will further erode the biodiversity and undermine the productivity of these unique ecosystems.

Lakes and coastal wetlands are transitional areas between dry terrestrial and permanent aquatic ecosystems and are recognised as highly productive. Their importance in socio-economic frontiers has been increasingly felt. Over 200 rivers and lakes in the world are shared by two or more countries. This envisages their international importance. Various efforts are currently underway to develop technologies and systems for successful management of lakes and coastal wetlands both at national and international levels. However, conflicting interests in the use of their resources have led to further worsening of the problems facing lakes and coastal wetlands. Therefore, an earnest attempt has been made in the present book to find ways for restoration, conservation and management of lakes and coastal wetlands.


GIS Mangrove adaptation algae biodiversity coastal wetlands ecology ecosystem environment fauna lake monitoring ocean pollution wetland

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