Isolated Neutron Stars: From the Surface to the Interior

  • Editors
  • Silvia Zane
  • Roberto Turolla
  • Dany Page

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Victoria M. Kaspi
    Pages 1-11
  3. Sandro Mereghetti, Paolo Esposito, Andrea Tiengo
    Pages 13-23
  4. GianLuca Israel
    Pages 25-31
  5. Andrea Tiengo, Paolo Esposito, Sandro Mereghetti, Lara Sidoli, Diego Götz, Marco Feroci et al.
    Pages 33-37
  6. Alaa I. Ibrahim, William C. Parke, Jean H. Swank, Hisham Anwer, Roberto Turolla, Silvia Zane et al.
    Pages 43-50
  7. Diego Götz, Sandro Mereghetti, Kevin Hurley
    Pages 51-59
  8. Nanda Rea, Silvia Zane, Maxim Lyutikov, Roberto Turolla
    Pages 61-65
  9. Stefanie Wachter, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Sandeep Patel, Don Figer, Peter Woods
    Pages 67-71
  10. Ü. Ertan, M. A. Alpar, M. H. Erkut, K. Y. Ekşi, Ş. Çalışkan
    Pages 73-77
  11. M. E. Gonzalez, V. M. Kaspi, F. Camilo, B. M. Gaensler, M. J. Pivovaroff
    Pages 89-94
  12. Bryan M. Gaensler, Maura McLaughlin, Stephen Reynolds, Kazik Borkowski, Nanda Rea, Andrea Possenti et al.
    Pages 95-99
  13. Matthew G. Baring, Alice K. Harding
    Pages 109-118
  14. N. R. Ikhsanov
    Pages 137-140
  15. Klaus Werner, Thorsten Nagel, Thomas Rauch
    Pages 141-149
  16. M. C. Weisskopf, M. Karovska, G. G. Pavlov, V. E. Zavlin, T. Clarke
    Pages 151-160
  17. Mark Cropper, Silvia Zane, Roberto Turolla, Luca Zampieri, Matteo Chieregato, Jeremy Drake et al.
    Pages 161-166
  18. A. Treves, S. Campana, M. Chieregato, A. Moretti, T. Nelson, M. Orio
    Pages 167-169
  19. B. Posselt, S. B. Popov, F. Haberl, J. Trümper, R. Turolla, R. Neuhäuser
    Pages 171-179
  20. M. H. van Kerkwijk, D. L. Kaplan
    Pages 191-201
  21. R. P. Mignani, S. Bagnulo, A. De Luca, G. L. Israel, G. Lo Curto, C. Motch et al.
    Pages 203-210
  22. V. M. Malofeev, O. I. Malov, D. A. Teplykh
    Pages 211-216
  23. Christian Motch, Adriana M. Pires, Frank Haberl, Axel Schwope
    Pages 217-224
  24. Jacqueline Faherty, Frederick M. Walter, Jay Anderson
    Pages 225-230
  25. A. De Luca, P. A. Caraveo, S. Mereghetti, A. Tiengo, G. F. Bignami
    Pages 231-238
  26. Peter M. Woods, Vyacheslav E. Zavlin, George G. Pavlov
    Pages 239-246
  27. J. A. Pons, J. F. Pérez-Azorín, J. A. Miralles, G. Miniutti
    Pages 247-257
  28. Alexander V. Turbiner
    Pages 267-277
  29. Wynn C. G. Ho, David L. Kaplan, Philip Chang, Matthew van Adelsberg, Alexander Y. Potekhin
    Pages 279-286
  30. Oleg Kargaltsev, George Pavlov
    Pages 287-296
  31. Vyacheslav E. Zavlin
    Pages 297-307
  32. Katherine E. McGowan, W. Thomas Vestrand, Jamie A. Kennea, Silvia Zane, Mark Cropper, France A. Córdova
    Pages 309-316
  33. Margaret A. Livingstone, Victoria M. Kaspi, Fotis P. Gavriil, Richard N. Manchester, E. V. G. Gotthelf, Lucien Kuiper
    Pages 317-323
  34. Janusz Gil, George Melikidze, Bing Zhang
    Pages 325-333
  35. V. S. Beskin, E. E. Nokhrina
    Pages 335-343
  36. Alexander Y. Potekhin, Gilles Chabrier, Dmitry G. Yakovlev
    Pages 353-361
  37. James M. Lattimer
    Pages 371-379
  38. Sergei Popov, David Blaschke, Hovik Grigorian, Mikhail Prokhorov
    Pages 381-385
  39. G. F. Burgio, M. Baldo, O. E. Nicotra, H. -J. Schulze
    Pages 387-394

About these proceedings


This book collects the contributions presented at the conference Isolated Neutron Stars: From the Surface to the Interior, held in London in April 2006. Forty years after the discovery of radio pulsars it presents an up-to-date description of the new vision of isolated neutron stars that has emerged in recent years with the advance of multi-wavelength observations. The great variety of isolated neutron stars, from pulsars to magnetars, some of them discovered very recently and many of them not detectable in radio wavelengths, is amply covered by descriptions of recent observational results and presentations of the latest theoretical interpretation of these data.


Accretion Corona Plasma cyclotron equation of state gravitation magnetosphere neutron neutron star scattering spectra star stars superconductivity telescope

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