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    Pages i-vii
  2. Sue Bruley
    Pages 1-5
  3. Sue Bruley
    Pages 59-91
  4. Sue Bruley
    Pages 178-181
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    Pages 182-227

About this book


This is the first text devoted exclusively to women in Britain since 1900 which covers the whole century. The author combines evidence from primary research, with an emphasis on personal testimony, with the most up-to-date work of specialist scholars in each field. Embracing social, economic, political and cultural history, it examines the changing meaning of femininity within the broad historical time periods making up the twentieth century. Each chronological chapter maps out developments for women at work, in the family, sexuality, education, feminism and other political movements. It does not seek to provide a triumphalist history of 'great women', but instead offers an account of women's shifting identity within different social, economic and political contexts, divided by class, sexuality, ethnic background and other factors. Blending analysis with humour and emotion in real life testimony, Women in Britain since 1900 is a woman-centred history of Britain from the suffragettes to the 'Diana effect'.


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