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Managing for the Future

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About this book


The business world is in the midst of a radical transformation. The turbulent 90s have made fast responses, innovation, adaptability and customer orientation key behaviours of tomorrow's successful organization. These capabilities depend on a radical change in the form and character of all aspects of business organization and management. In Managing for the Future the author details the essential organizing concepts and patterns that will characterise tomorrow's successful organization. The book examines the emerging and alternative approaches to: the business process, the customer, the management of people, organizational design, the uses of information technologies, organizational culture, the management of the business, and life in the Tomorrow's Organization. This book is essential reading for those executives and managers who are passionately concerned with what has to be done today to re-shape their businesses to succeed in the turbulent 90s. It is an important guide to the characteristics of the successful organizations of the 1990s and beyond, and on the transformations that are required to bring it about. It is perhaps above all a participants guide to the future that is rushing towards us all.


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