Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-8
  2. Introduction

    1. Stephen Regan
      Pages 9-11
  3. Survey

    1. Stephen Regan
      Pages 13-25
    2. Stephen Regan
      Pages 25-33
    3. Stephen Regan
      Pages 33-43
    4. Stephen Regan
      Pages 43-50
    5. Stephen Regan
      Pages 51-59
  4. Appraisal

    1. Stephen Regan
      Pages 61-66
    2. Stephen Regan
      Pages 66-77
    3. Stephen Regan
      Pages 77-100
    4. Stephen Regan
      Pages 123-142
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 143-152

About this book


Following the recent publication of Philip Larkin's Collected Poems, this study draws on a previously unavailable range of work extending from 1938 to 1983. In the course of its survey, the book exposes the limitations of narrowly thematic and formalist criticism, but it treats with equal scepticism the fashionable tendency to regard Larkin as a 'symbolist' poet. In his appraisal Stephen Regan argues strongly for the importance of reading the poems historically and contextually. The emphasis here is on the post-war cultural milieu of Larkin's work and its complex engagement with questions of individual freedom and social commitment.


Modernism poem poetry

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