Micro-Assembly Technologies and Applications

IFIP TC5 WG5.5 Fourth International Precision Assembly Seminar (IPAS’2008) Chamonix, France February 10–13, 2008

  • Svetan Ratchev
  • Sandra Koelemeijer
Conference proceedings IPAS 2008

Part of the IFIP — International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 260)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Design of Micro Products

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Methods of Design for Micro-Assembly

      1. Carsten Tietje, Richard Leach, Michele Turitto, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Svetan Ratchev
        Pages 5-12
      2. Marcel Tichem, Dafina Tanase
        Pages 13-22
      3. Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Hugues Favrelière, Serge Samper, Maurice Pillet
        Pages 23-33
    3. Methods and Solutions for Micro-Product Design

      1. Amar Kumar Behera, Shiv G. Kapoor, Richard E. DeVor
        Pages 37-53
      2. Ludovic Charvier, Fabien Bourgeois, Jacques Jacot, Grégoire Genolet, Hubert Lorenz
        Pages 67-74
      3. O. Smal, B. Raucent, F. Ceyssens, R. Puers, M. De Volder, D. Reynaerts
        Pages 75-86
      4. Ingo Sieber, Ulrich Gengenbach, Rudolf Scharnowell
        Pages 87-93
  3. Micro-Assembly Processes and Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 95-95
    2. Process Modelling for Micro-Assembly

    3. High Precision Packaging and Assembly Processes

      1. Markus Luetzelschwab, Dominik Weiland, Marc P. Y. Desmulliez
        Pages 129-138
      2. Erik Beckert, Thomas Burkhardt, Ramona Eberhardt, Andreas Tünnermann
        Pages 139-147
      3. N. Boufercha, J. Sägebarth, M. Burgard, N. Othman, D. Schlenker, W. Schäfer et al.
        Pages 149-159
      4. Sven Rathmann, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach
        Pages 161-169
      5. Hongyi Yang, Gregory Tsiklos, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Svetan Ratchev
        Pages 171-176
      6. Ronaldo Ronaldo, Thomas Papastathis, Hongyi Yang, Carsten Tietje, Michele Turitto, Svetan Ratchev
        Pages 177-185
    4. Micro-Assembly Applications

      1. Maurice Pillet, Dimitri Denimal, Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Serge Samper
        Pages 189-197
      2. Kerstin Schöttler, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesseibach
        Pages 199-206
      3. Olivier Cartiaux, Laurent Paul, Pierre-Louis Docquier, Xavier Banse, Benoit Raucent
        Pages 207-218
  4. Gripping and Feeding Solutions for Micro-Assembly

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 219-219
    2. Micro-Gripping Methods and Applications

      1. Gualtiero Fantoni, Marcello Porta
        Pages 223-234
      2. Kostyantyn Malukhin, Kornel Ehmann
        Pages 243-250
      3. Ronald Plak, Roger Görtzen, Erik Puik
        Pages 251-256
      4. C. Lenders, J.-B. Valsamis, M. Desaedeleer, A. Delchambre, P. Lambert
        Pages 265-274
    3. High Precision Positioning and Feeding Techniques

      1. Michele Turitto, Carsten Tietje, Svetan Ratchev
        Pages 277-284
      2. Martin Freundt, Christian Brecher, Christian Wenzel, Nicolas Pyschny
        Pages 285-295
    4. Micro-Metrology

  5. Development of Micro-Assembly Production Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 333-333
    2. Design of Modular Reconfigurable Micro-Assembly Systems

      1. Arne Burisch, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach
        Pages 337-344
      2. F. Wehrli, S. Dufey, S. Koelemeijer Chollet, J. Jacot
        Pages 345-352
      3. Matthias Haag, Samuel Härer, Andreas Hoch, Florian Simons
        Pages 353-358
      4. Juhani Heilala, Heli Helaakoski, Irina Peltomaa
        Pages 371-381
    3. Assembly System Integration

      1. Timo Salmi, Ilari Marstio, Timo Malm, Esa Laine
        Pages 385-394
      2. Juha Sääski, Tapio Salonen, Mika Hakkarainen, Sanni Siltanen, Charles Woodward, Juhani Lempiäinen
        Pages 395-404
      3. Juhani Heilala, Mikko Sallinen
        Pages 405-413
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 415-416

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