Biosphere Origin and Evolution

  • Nikolay Dobretsov
  • Nikolay Kolchanov
  • Alexey Rozanov
  • Georgy Zavarzin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XX
  2. Problems of Biosphere Evolution and Origin of Life

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. N.L. Dobretsov, N.A. Kolchanov, V.V. Suslov
      Pages 3-23
    3. G.A. Zavarzin
      Pages 25-42
  3. Prebiological Stages of Evolution and RNA World on the Earth and in the Space

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 43-43
    2. O.P. Pestunova, A.N. Simonov, V.N. Snytnikov, V.N. Parmon
      Pages 103-117
    3. A.V Lutay, M.A. Zenkova, V.V. Vlassov
      Pages 131-142
    4. M.A. Vorobjeva, A.S. Privalova, A.G. Venyaminova, V.V. Vlassov
      Pages 143-155
  4. Archaen–Proterozoic Ecosystems: Their Interaction and Contemporary Analogous

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 167-167
    2. A.E. Fallick, V.A. Melezhik, B.M. Simonson
      Pages 169-188
    3. B.B. Namsaraev, V.M. Gorlenko, Z.B Namsaraev, D.D. Barkhutova, L.P. Kozyreva, O.P. Dagurova et al.
      Pages 189-201
    4. A.A. Oborin, L.M. Rubinstein, V.T. Khmurchik
      Pages 203-209
    5. Ye.V. Likhoshway, E.G. Sorokovikova, O.I. Belykh, O.L.V. Kaluzhnaya, S.I. Belikov, Ye.D. Bedoshvili et al.
      Pages 219-230
    6. T.V. Alekseeva, L.M. Gerasimenko, E.V. Sapova, A.O. Alekseev
      Pages 231-242
  5. Coevolution of Geological and Biological Events in Phanerozoe

  6. Ecosystems and Molecular Genetic Factors of Organism Evolution

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 255-255
    2. G. A. Zhouravleva, O. V. Tarasov, V. V. Schepachev, S. E. Moskalenko, N. I. Abramson, S. G. Inge-Vechtomov
      Pages 277-287
    3. K.V. Gunbin, D.A. Afonnikov, L.V. Omelyanchuk, N.A Kolchanov
      Pages 289-301
    4. P. M. Borodin
      Pages 315-325
    5. I. I. Kiknadze, L. I. Gunderina, M. G. Butler, W. F. Wuelker, J. Martin
      Pages 349-369
  7. Biosphere and Human Being

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 371-371
    2. E. K. Khusnutdinova, M. A. Bermisheva, I. A. Kutuev, B. B. Yunusbayev, R. Villems
      Pages 373-381
    3. A.P. Derevianko, M.V. Shunkov
      Pages 395-406
    4. N. P. Goncharov, K. A. Golovnina, B. Kilian, S. Glushkov, A. Blinov, V. K. Shumny
      Pages 407-419
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 421-427

About this book


Modern natural science shows that the infancy of life on Earth experienced prebiotic evolution and included the emergence of primitive self-reproducing biologic forms and their systems. The subsequent coevolution of inorganic environment and biologic systems resulted in global propagation of life over the Earth and its enormous diversification. Diverse living organisms colonized the land, water, and atmosphere, as well as upper layers of the lithosphere, thereby forming the biosphere.

The book covers notions by scientists of various branches on the evolutionary relationship between the biosphere and geosphere, evolution features at various levels of living matter organization, and problems of prebiotic evolution and life origin. The data were collected in the course of the RAS program "Biosphere origin and evolution" (subprogram II) in 2003–2006. The objectives of this subprogram were (1) generalization of data related to problems of biosphere origin and evolution accumulated by geneticists, molecular biologists, zoologists, botanists, paleontologists, microbiologists, geologists, chemists, and archaeologists; (2) search for new interdisciplinary approaches to biosphere origin and evolution; (3) development of a "lingua franca" understandable by experts in various fields, which would allow apprehension of results concerning the topic obtained in allied sciences


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  • Alexey Rozanov
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  • Georgy Zavarzin
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